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The request to report the source of 18 works will be applied in Soc Son. Urban Land

The Public Committee of the Public Relations Committee (Ha Noi) asked the Public Relations Committee to inform the people's origin, the land use process, the time of the construction work; Establishment of records in violation of land and construction orders with 18 cases to the District People's Committee.

    In Minh Phu, several construction works in the Soc-last district are under the thorough review of Hanoi
Minh Phu commune, Soc In the last district many construction works, "closed" in the comprehensive audit process of Hanoi. Picture: THANH AN

Ha Phy Commune, Soc Latest Region, Ha Noi City, reported that the people of Minh Phu Commune were in the Lam Truong Commune, with the implementation of the construction work on forest land. On November 7, 18, the household on the list of projects that violated the order of construction in the protective forest land gave notice of the forcible or abolition of the construction work that violated the land and construction orders of the forest land. The village of Lam Truong.

Accordingly, if any destruction before the 11.11 Commune People's Committee does not work, it will conduct violent work.

On the 8th of November, before the execution, the People's Committee of the Public Relations Council adopted the proposals and suggestions of the public, and held a dialogue with representatives of 18 households on the list of oppression and famine. . In the dialogue, the Minh Phu People's Committee leaders did not satisfactorily respond to the public's recommendations.

Mr. Ngo Van Cam, director of the village of Lam Truong, said that the households had the documents to manage treatment in the forest protection community, but that Hanoi has carried out a comprehensive audit. Land and construction works in Minh Phu and Minh Tri communes. As a result, people offered to stop and disassemble until the results of the inter-branch audit delegation of Hanoi.

At the same time, the peoples also suggested that the Soc Son district, the Minh Phu commune, needed to answer the questions of the people in this dialogue, and to continue dialogue with people to form a basis for working with 8.19. TP.

On 14 November, the Soc Last District People's Committee sent a letter to the relevant units to handle the letter of the citizens. The District People's Committee, in order to create a file, explicitly determines the type of works, area, works and breaches areas for the above-mentioned 18 households. District People's Committee.

In addition, the Ha Noi Special Use Forest Management Board (HEPRZ) provides reports on land use, improvement and repair of households; Supervising, identifying and handling the works that violate the construction order in the above 18 cases.

In Minh Phu Commune, in the Soc Son District, many areas of the forest land are being flattened and trees are cut in Ha Noi City. Picture: THANH AN

It was also reported that the People's Committee of Minh Phu Commune confirmed the origin of the land, the land use process, the time of construction work; Establishment of records in violation of land and construction orders with 18 cases to the District People's Committee.

In addition, the Soc Son district also assigned the Natural Resources and Environmental Office to verify the contents of the letter, collect reports for the units and advise the citizens to respond to the letter of the citizens before November 30th. .

Soc led to the urgency of the personnel in the management of the land in the last district, the 15th President of the People's Council in the gathering of voters in Hoan Kiem district recently, 15 Nguyen Duc Chung, Head of the Hanoi People's Committee, said that there were many shortcomings in this.

From 1985 to 1986, and in the period of 1995-1999, the Soc Last County People's Committee had a policy of resettlement of nearly 300 households from the Tri Tri and Tan Dan communes calling the forest to build a new economy. Even in 2008, the area was bare hills. When planning residential areas in forests in 2009-2011. Until the general planning, the planning department also plans the transition of people to the planning of conservation forests.

Accordingly, since 2008, TP has been commissioned by the Inspector of Hanoi to conduct extensive land use and construction management reviews in Minh Phu and Minh Tri communes. Government Inspectorate, Inspectorate of Hanoi, content of the final examination guide of the report.

Prior to this, the Public Relations Committee issued a document to manage the People's Committee of the Minh Phu coordinate with functional units in order to address the violations of the protection forest – special-purpose construction in 11.2018.

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