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The price of Ford Ranger Raptor in Vietnam, & # 39; beer together & # 39; 150-200 million


The Ford Ranger Raptor high-performance van was officially released at VMS 2018 in Vietnam at the end of October. VND1,198 billion. However, in addition to the price listed, in addition to the sea fee, customers also have to pay more than 150-200 million accessories to get the car soon.

The Ranger Raptor stems from the implementation of a different sales policy by each agency. Like many other imported vehicles, the Ford Ranger Raptor is sold in the form of "beer mixed". For customers to buy vehicles with prices ranging from 150-200 million, a dealer package is required.

Ford Ranger Raptor Debt That Vietnam, 150cc Freezing Lac & # 39; image 1
Ford Ranger Raptor VND1,198 billion. Picture: Anh.

Tell Zing.vnHCM City, a Ford dealer in the 3rd Region Ranger Raptor model, 200 million dong package, he said. If you apply 10% registration fee, license plate and other taxes, up to Ford Ranger Raptor VND1.55 billion.

Meanwhile, a Ford dealer Ha Thanh quotes Ford's Ranger Raptor price VND145 billion. Another Ford dealer in Hanoi temporarily calculates the price of Ford Ranger Raptor VND1.52 billion. According to him, "package communication" agency sales fell to 150 million, plus list prices, 12% to 20 million license fee to registration tax.

Across the Ford Ranger Raptor, many customers are confused.

M I'm looking at some Ford showrooms in Hanoi. After returning to 100 million channels, after 70 million declines have been rejected, I feel like an iPhone for the first time. Ford commented on Ranger Vietnam.

Ford Ranger Raptor Loan that VN, Ice Cream lac & # 39; 150-200 million pictures 2
The Ford Ranger Raptor will be taxable as a car in Vietnam. Picture: Anh.

According to a member of Viet Anh, the sale of "beer hash" appeared only in the first car. After a few months, it is possible to reduce the price of the vehicle for "every beer or drink", but you will not have no deal on the right price list. According to Viet Anh, this is not new because the car is imported in limited quantities and demand is really higher than supply.

The high-performance turntable operates with a 2.0-liter I4 biturbo diesel engine that produces 210 horsepower, 500 Nm of maximum torque, a 10-speed transmission and a 4-wheel drive engine. Currently, the Ford Ranger Raptor does not rival the segment in the Vietnamese market.

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