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The cost of pilot training turns billions of dollars into white pigs when the failure is only "gain experience"!


National Assembly Representative Duong Minh Tuan commented on pilot training trial

National Assembly Representative Duong Minh Tuan commented on pilot training trial

At the beginning of the discussion session, MP Duong Minh Tuan (Ba Ria Vung Tau) contributed to the analysis with a single word "experiment". Meet the requirements, students get to make white mouse.

The VNEN spent a lot of years on the pilot program, and billions of people said it was quite common and inappropriate, but the Ministry of Education said it was just a sentence. experience.

Where did the students go after the unsuccessful pilot? The Ministry of Education and Training should make it clear that the pilot is in this way of money, students make such a white mouse, they should be open to delegates, Congress and voters know, "- said Tuan.

The lack, he said, lacked the need for the pilot to pass the trial to the National Assembly or the Standing Committee of the National Assembly. In fact, the revised Education Ombudsman states that it must be a verification or approval agency before implementing the training pilot programs.

With this in mind, the draft office law states this content in the explanatory documents, but according to Mr. Tuan, read carefully, see only the tour, not just the market. Specifically, the regulation was adopted as eğitim when the pilot is successful, he submits the mass policy in education to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly to evaluate it before implementing it Sp. According to the representative, writing such a law means that piloting is still not reported, but only pilot results applied for new mass reporting.

Training machine has not changed against the acceleration of society

Representative Pham Trong Nhan (Binh Duong) said that it is not difficult to encounter many different slogans in every school, and that kindergartens write the "school house, the teacher's mother", and the high school record. "Work, learn more, learn forever" … but dozens of slogans in the regulations of the Ministry of Education, there is no slogan of education in Vietnam.

Delegates comparing Singapore have a short layan national learning layan philosophy; In the Netherlands, this philosophy is summarized as "learning for the future"; In Japan, the slogan "develops every human morality". The delegates noted that the revised Education Act did not see anything that could be summed up in the philosophy of education in Vietnam.

Or The aim of the program is not so different from the 20 years ago that the current context demands the functioning and innovation of the philosophy of education, because many of the educational problems face opposition. public opinion. The training machine did not change the idea that was proportional to the accelerating rate of society. As Education and Education Minister Pham Vu said, 50-60 years old or in teaching, basic education has nothing to change, what the previous generation will teach, what the next generation teaches, – said Nhan General.

Education reform has been introduced in the last 20 years, but many graduates may still not be able to write an appropriate administrative document; Business, employers retraining due to long coal. In school levels, it is not fun to go to school, which is the desire of each student. So far, the average grade average of English school students did not exceed 5 …

The delegation argues that "education lacks a lack of philosophy and navigation lanterns. Congress is determined to fundamentally change this training, and the community has waited long enough to wait for a clear philosophy of education, to show how it is necessary to translate the good, to learn to multiply, and the nation".

Speaking about the philosophy of education, Cao Dinh Thuong (Thai Binh) analysis, high quality teaching, not too slow innovation, still heavy thinking in teaching the words of education, teaching academic knowledge Teaching-learning skills, learning ethics, apprenticeship training is neglected. This makes learning so great that many children are afraid to go to school. This causes many parents to make mistakes, want their children to be human, to be good, to be very good …

Accordingly, the examination turns into too much pressure and is misunderstood. In order not to do anything by learning from the aim of being a human, to study to enter the school is not clearly defined.

Representative Thought should not organize national high school today. Examination and evaluation of high school graduates should be done by local self-organization. College students do not only have a national examination to choose colleges, scientifically, so that each person can not negative, negative and negative, not negative.


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