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The bride was born in 1999 and ran away with all her money on her wedding money, suffering groom-News


Although he ran away with all the money, the bride continued to publish on facebook as usual.

The story of a fugitive bride causes a stir in the social network. Accordingly, the event occurred in Thai Nguyen. Many people have to shake their heads after listening to the story.

According to a large fan base on social networks, two lovers soon decided to marry.

Mr. T's family was born in 1995 and lived in Thai Nguyen before recognizing the L.T.A family.

His mother, L.T.A., has a difficulty of 17 million. T he mother then delivered the money to his mother. 17 million or even 2 families finished the ceremony.

On November 8, 1818, when T. T.'s family received news of the thunder against the ears, A. escaped and the family could not communicate.

First year of the first half of 1999, last draft - 1

Today's picture of the couple.

First year in the first half of 1999, second stage - 2

The bride ran away from the marriage ceremony.

Mr. T. miserably said that when A. left, he brought all the money to the parents with 9 million wedding money. Currently, parents must pay back their debts.

Before that, two people are gathering for a month to marry. As of right now, Mr. T. still doesn't understand how he has fallen into this situation.

"For the sake of hurting others, the money is not worth it, to spend a few days, but this humiliation, their hearts are useless. Life cannot be washed, Mr. T. later shared."

On the personal page, he also wrote many confession lines:

"Now I'm not afraid and I don't have to deal with anything like you, you go out every year, you're just joking, you're cheating on your family to pay you back, and I'm lucky to have you when they get their parents' wedding money, 9 million 370,000 to pay back their debts.

Love me, I missed the opportunity to do it again and I don't want to do it myself.

First year in the first half of 1999, final draft - 3

Mr. T. is very distressed.

First year in the first half of the year in 1999, the last draft - 4

First year, first draft, 1999 - 5

Both have very emotional pictures.

First year in the first half of the year, last draft in 1999 - 6

1999 born bride picture.

Mr. T. also announced that the wedding would be postponed and the photograph was filled with pain.

On the personal page, he also published photographs of his face with pain. Next, a photo of the community: "Don't say bad things to others when you're away from anything."

In the first years of the first year, even in the first hours of the end of the school year,

She escaped from the wedding, but is still on facebook.

Mr. T. quickly said: "You're less, life is my favorite thing, not your happiness."

Currently, this strange thing is still being watched by the community.

The groom freaked out when the money received the gift, but it caused the shock of the new dowry.

When the groom looks at the huge money he brings to the palate, he becomes his husband, everyone must be stunned and jealous.

Theo Ca (World Youth)

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