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Stone won in Vietnam


Friday, 16/11/2018 00:04 (GMT + 7)

The Vietnam players are considered the "god of hanging" of Malaysia: Cong Phuong. In the past, Nghe striker rarely sow his opponent with unforgettable goals.

Video performance of Cong Phuong prior to Laos (copyright clips of Next Media, released in VTC):

Malaysia is considered to be the strongest rival of Vietnam in Group A AFF Cup 2018. In the past, the "tigers", the 2009 SEA Games finals, the AFF Cup semi-finals 2010, 2014, 2016, have played us again and again in the threshold of heaven.

Malay and Maldives Cong Phuong: Stone won in Vietnam - 1

Malaysia matches always bring a sweet moment to Cong Phuong

However, this is not the case for competitors of "bored" in Vietnam. In addition to the advantage of being homeowners in the AFF Cup (10 games, 5 games won, 2 matches), the co-founder, Hang Seo, owns the "hunger" of Malaysia: Nguyen Cong Phuong.

According to statistics, in five matches, at the Malaysian U19 level, U23 and the national team, Nghe scored four goals, made two tectonics and brought two penalties, helping Vietnam to win the matches. .

"First time" Cong Phuong He took part in U23 Asian qualification on March 27, 2015. 2 – 1 was the score.

Cong Phuong continued to shine brightly with a couple, including free-kick, and won two penalties (Mac Hong Quan, Vo Huy Toan scored) that contributed to victory. In the SEA Games round U23 Vietnam's 5-1. Experts, the national team t-shirt 23-year-old star's best match, he says.

On 7/2/2017, the U23 Vietnamese coach Nguyen Huu Thang won the U23 Malaysia 3-0, in a friendly match at Thong Nhat Stadium, while Cong Phuong is naturally a "double master" table with a tectonic playing.

The HAGL player was ası off inde in two games, the U19 South East Asian Group on 12/9/2013 and the AFF Cup on 23/11/2016 (launched in 63 minutes). But Vietnam won 1-0, Malaysia was eliminated early.

Vietnam players are full of excitement after a 3-0 victory in battle AFF Cup 2018 In Laos, Cong Phuong also contributed to 1 table. Don't be surprised if the striker plays the hero of the evening to mark another sad day for Ma.

VietNamNet: To beat Malaysia

Park Hang Seo coach asked Vietnam Tel to keep a secret training session in Malaysia.

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