Wednesday , June 16 2021

SCB reports criminal violations of bank regulations to Ministry of Public Security | NEWS

According to the criminal complaint, the SCB specifically noted the process of harming the Investment Corporation by drafting a fraudulent credit fraud document for Ms. PHT (a manager in SCB’s business unit) to get money.

Imitation of credit records related to the loan

N&T Yatırım Anonim Şirketi, legal representative of SCB to a branch of SCB to borrow capital for project investment, Mr. There was a previous acquaintance between Ms. PHT and Mr. NNN.

On 24/3/2021, N&T Investments Inc. filed a complaint with Ms.PHT for drafting a fraudulent credit fraud certificate to get money that would harm the company, after being unable to see the loan extension for a long time and suspected signs of fraud. the amount of about 8 billion VND.

After receiving notice from N&T Yatirim Anonim Sirketi, SCB immediately checked and reviewed all documents and documents prepared by Ms. PHT and assigned to N&T Yatirim Anonim Sirketi.

During the course of working with N&T Investment Corporation and Ms. PHT, SCB noticed that Ms. PHT’s actions showed signs of violation of criminal law; The crime of forging the documents of institutions and organizations and using forged documents of institutions and organizations is stated in Article 341 of the 2015 Criminal Code.

Ms. PHT has acts of issuing and using false documents, including notices and decisions of the SCB leaders, in granting loans to N&T Yatırım Incorporated; Using SCB’s internal email to send (fake) credit related documents to the email of N&T related staff.

SCB alleged that Ms PHT’s above behavior violated SCB’s lending activities and used these forged documents to build trust, deceive N&T Investments Corporation to carry out illegal acts.

Branch manager fake records fired

SCB hopes that N&T Yatirim Anonim Sirketi will work in coordination with SCB to provide relevant evidence so that the investigative agency can resolve the case strictly, with the right person, accuracy and law; to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. SCB undertakes not to deny responsibility and will comply with the decisions of the investigating authority.

SCB resolutely does not cover, tolerate or reconcile with any violations of law committed by officials or employees; Do not admit any personal profits that affect SCB’s reputation or brand, violation of professional ethics.

Thanks to this incident, SCB recommends that clients be careful and strictly avoid errors regarding the correctness of the loan and the client’s financial capabilities. Fraud can include: Bribery of directors and creditors to obtain loans or favorable credit terms; collusion with bank staff for information fraud on credit documents …

SCB always strengthens internal monitoring solutions, helping the Bank respond quickly to risks and fraud, thus minimizing the Bank’s financial loss and reputation; support and adjust regulations to strengthen measures to combat risks, particularly fraud in credit operations and banking operations in general.

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