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Real test for Lucho


Luis Enrique made a good start as coach in Spain. But the first home defeat against England was a testament to the former captain of Barcelona. The match against Croatia will be a test for Lucho.

The beginning of Lucho was impressive

For the last two months, Spain had the chance to compete in the top four of the 2018 World Cup: England and Croatia in the UEFA League of Nations. At first, he left his regrets for La Roja fans. The reason is not because there are performances that are not as expected.

In turn, Luis Enrique's army performed in Wembley with a 2-1 win against Britain and 6-0 against Croatia at home of Manuel Martinez Valero. Unfortunately, this will be changed prior to the 2018 World Cup.

Before the match Croatia vs Spain Test really for the image of Lucho
Spain started under Enrique impressively

Just two days before the match against Portugal in the Russian tournament, coach Julen Lopetegui was fired by the Spanish Football Association. The impressive performance of the 52-year-old captain cannot hide the "guilty" contract with Real Madrid without going through the top team.

And then with such a big shock, Fernando Hierro could not overcome the Spanish players under the interim manager. After a penalty shootout, the Russian battled before the landlord.

It could have been better if Lopetegui was in his place. And after he came to power, Enrique proved his cause. Nevertheless, the spirit of the Tiki-Taka version of Spain has existed for decades and convincingly defeated England and Croatia.

A real test image for Lucho in Croatia vs Spain before the game
Coach Enrique left much to watch on the national team


There, in spite of the opponents, Spain's Lucho still forced them to continue their path. No Xavi or Andres Iniesta, as well as Thiago Alcantara or Dani Ceballos also did not mention bringing a steel to complete the technical basis from Saul Niguez in a similar manner.

Before England, Spain won 2-1 in Wembley after leading the first 11 minutes. Just three days later, La Roja is a perfect performance and the crushed World Cup runner 2018 – Croatia 6 goals is not disassembled. vs Spain (2h45 on 16/11): defeating the heartless
After the 2018 World Cup, Croatia played a completely different face when the pillar had run out. The victory of Croatia vs. Spain belongs to the faith team …

The test is called Croatia

In the victory of the Lakers, and soon expected to get tickets from Spain to the semi-finals of the UEFA League of Nations, he scored again in Spain. Winning the Benito Villamarin (Sevilla) win in front of the United Kingdom will surely help the bull-team to enter League A's # 4 table.

In the end, they didn't even get a point. Spain in the first 3 minutes, followed by 3 goals, Spain could not stand up. Enrique lost two and two to make a net kick in 58 and 90 + 7 minutes.

TBN is looking for a home
Defeat Britain before thrilling Spanish

There were some flaws of Spain. Defense The biggest problem of Enrique is defense. After being bid farewell to the national team of Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos does not have a good partner. Nacho or Raul Albiol is not enough to help Spain become a solid defender.

Wings are not guaranteed. Coach Enrique didn't call Jordi Alba in two pre-game sessions to test Jose Gaya and Marcos Alonso, but that's not all. Both names are better at work and helpless before the opponent's counterattack. On the right, the absence of Dani Carvajal is a big hole., Spanish coaches want students to "kill"
Luis Enrique said 2-3 after Spain. Spain coach admitted that it would be normal to "kill" players after a bad performance in the first half …

After losing the UK, Spain was brought to a difficult position. If he does not win the match against Croatia, he will no longer have the right to self-determination. They had a bad result (they lost 2-1, lost 3-2) and would be second only if they were drawn to Croatia with their rivals in the final match.

He can't give luck. Spain will soon determine Croatia as Croatia & # 39; he understood that he should be eaten. However, this will also be a test weight in many respects for coach Enrique.

Will Lucho soon repair the leaks in the defense? Did he do good psychology so that Spanish actors forget to lose Britain and challenge Croatia with passionate spectators in Zagreb? Do you have new attack options to avoid being arrested? Will …

Luis Enrique TBN
A test for Enrique in Croatia vs Spain

Tomorrow morning (16/11) all answers will be 2h45. Enrique's full defense has signs of "blood exchange". Nacho, Alonso was more likely to sit on this tour than Jonny.

Instead, Lucho recalled that Alba had returned, adding Mario Hermoso's midfielder Espanyol. The right can be controlled by Cesar Azpilicueta in the back and joins Sergio Ramos in the quarter goal defense before David De Gea.

The match against Croatia was probably the biggest pressure for Enrique as it replaced Lopetegui. This, however, proved his personal abilities for the 48-year-old coach and the sphere of Spain.

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