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Railroad collision, deputy district secretary died

Death of a train collision, a district district party committee secretary died - Photo 1.

Bui Ngoc Tan's car at the scene of the accident – Photo: BINH AN

Information from the Traffic Police Department in Thanh Hoa province said the accident occurred between 29-10: 00-17: 00 at Km 149 + 400 on the North – South railway line in Do Len – Bim Son, Thanh Hoa.

From National Highway 1A, Mr. Bui Ngoc Tan (56 years old, Ha Trung County, Ha Trung County), 56 years old, was a car used by Mr. Bui Ngoc Tan, Sub Area 6, Ha. Trung Town runs to Phan Dinh Giot Neighborhood. collision with SE9 extending north-south.

Mr. Bui Ngoc Tan was seriously injured, taken to the emergency hospital by his relatives, but later died of serious injury.

At the scene, the car overturned, seriously damaged by lying next to the train.

Death of a train collision and death of the deputy regional secretary party - Photo 2.

Car at the scene of the accident – Photo: BINH AN

Initially, officials said the accident could be because they could not see it at a crossroads of traffic lights, pointing out that vehicles on the road were temporarily stopped to make room for the delegation. The train is passing.

Learn by Online YouthMr. Bui Ngoc Tan is the Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Ha Trung District Party Committee. Mr. Tan's car was recently purchased.

Currently, Mr. Tan & # 39; s family is handling the incident for malicious victims.

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