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Price of fresh flower increased 2-3 times per week


Da Nang: Fresh flower prices still not cost to grab

Fresh flowers high prices, still have buyers

To meet the needs of customers on the occasion of Vietnam Teachers' Day 20/11, fresh florists in Da Nang City import flowers a few days ago.

In the wholesale market at Pham Phu Thu street, the atmosphere is quite lively. Buyers mainly shop for students and buy small flowers.

Wholesale flower markets break buyer

Wholesale flower markets break buyer

Here the owner of a fresh flower shop, said that the situation is quite high, 2-3 times compared to ordinary days, depending on the type of flowers in the flowers prices. "This ceremony is the same date as the full moon day, so the flowers are high, there is no flower to collect." Said.

Unlike the bustling atmosphere in the wholesale market, fresh flower shops on the roads are quite abandoned.

By the way, the retail store is pretty abandoned

By the way, the retail store is pretty abandoned

On the morning of 19/11, at the Ngoc Van flower shop (on Dien Bien Phu Street), people came for a long time, there were buyers, but at the same time, people also finished watching, asked for the price and left.

According to Ms. Van, fresh florist owner Ngoc Van, fresh flowers on this occasion is quite high, 2-3 times more than ordinary days, "do not buy" flowers have.

On this occasion, the price of flowers increased, increased threefold

On this occasion, the price of flowers increased, increased threefold

"Da Lat roses up to 5000 VND / cotton compared to normal days, hydrangeas also increases VDD 5,000, rose flowers 20,000 VND / bunch … And sunflowers do not cost". .

According to Ms. Van, a lot of people came to buy flowers last year, but this year, many customers come to visit, but many customers do not buy.

Fresh flowers waiting for receivers

Fresh Florists Waiting for Receivers

Similarly, the "flower shop" of students who sold before the school gate are also empty buyers.

Thao (University of Education student) said: "We wake up at 4am to sell wholesale flowers. However, this morning it never sold. There are buyers in the hope of coming to the end of the day, so we won't lose."

Hoi An: Fresh flowers still attractive

As mentioned, the gifts in Teachers' Day Vietnam this year are still familiar products like clothing, cosmetics, cups, cloth …

The gift market is still the most attractive of fresh, vibrant flowers

The gift market is still the most attractive of fresh, vibrant flowers

The owner of a gift shop on Ly Thuong Kiet Street in Hoi An, "This year, on the occasion of 20/11, the gift items are quite different and the price is reasonable. Especially, like cups, mugs or daily event sets … Time is preferred by parents and students.

In particular, the cups of gift boxes, bowls priced at 200-500,000 VND / box, depending on the quality of the products; Canned products of daily life (shower gel, shampoo, cosmetics …) vary from 100,000 to 300,000 VND / box type.

In addition to the gift package long dresses are also imported from a variety of materials, available models. According to a small store selling cloth in the market of Hoi An, this year on the occasion of 20/11, the store has imported some fabrics with long fabrics with beautiful designs such as silk, silk, silk … prices up to 400,000 VND / shirt or more …

In addition to gifts, fresh flowers during this holiday season are indispensable and still show great interest to buyers. Many schools such as Nguyen Tat Thanh, Tran Hung Dao, Cua Dai have been busy on the roads … flower sellers have arranged a flower basket to attract customers, the prices are also slightly lighter every year.

Nguyen Thi Lan, the flower seller on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, said that the tendency to buy medium-sized bouquets is still high and that each bouquet is worth 200,000 dong or more.

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