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Phuong Khanh is better trained in the international race than Pham Huong, Hoang My.


In 15 years Phuc Nguyen became an instructor for many supermodels, Miss Missions. Beauty pageant is known as a gourmet man.

Recently, Ms. Earth was a friend of Phuong Khanh in her 2015 conquest journey. This is the highest title in the international arena won by the Vietnam representative.

In an interview with Zing.vnPhuc Nguyen said the boss wasn't the boss like people, but the instructor was Miss. In particular, he claims that he has never received any money from the beautiful.

Phuc Nguyen accompanied Phuong Khanh in Miss Earth 2018.

Phuc Nguyen accompanied Phuong Khanh in Miss Earth 2018.

Phuong Khanh has better knowledge than Pham Huong, Hoang My during the examination.

– He had a strong talk, you want to be famous in the show business. What is his trade with Phuong Khanh?

– I once told them there are three things that make it popular. The first is money, two are love and three are talented. In Phuong Khanh, I think it is a great price when trying to show your talent. Obviously, people should only see Phuong Khanh express what I say correctly.

Pham Huong, Hoang My, Truong Thi May. But Phuong Khanh got the highest title, why?

– First, Phuong Khanh is lucky. Can you all be full of luck? Second, Khanh has a high level of education and a solid knowledge base. So Phuong Khanh is different from other students, luck and knowledge, match with the contest.

– He said, that means he's been evaluating his former students like Pham Huong, Hoang. I don't have high knowledge like Phuong Khanh.

Fortunately, they did not participate in international competitions, but were successful in national competitions. And wisdom is a very broad category. For example, Grade 12 graduates will be different in undergraduate, undergraduate and undergraduate programs.

Phuong Khanh's level is superior because it is an international student in Singapore. Speak fluent English and adapt to the foreign environment, so I've determined that the lady has better luck and qualities on time.

"Lady training is like playing"

– With a project that is not based on a specific beauty contest, the choice of Miss Beauty contestants has advantages and disadvantages?

– Advantage, I'm going to pick the people of the competition. The disadvantage is that there is no specific title because it is a project. But in the future I will put the project in a national title and keep the name.

The contestants have only one international competition and the contestants will participate in many international competitions and participate in international fashion shows. They are not only contestant beauty, but also models.

Phuc Nguyen, who is just an instructor, shared that there are not an administrator as people think.

Phuc Nguyen, who is just an instructor, shared that there are not an administrator as people think.

– How effective is Phuong Khanh's success with her career as a beauty queen?

– Everybody called me the manager, but I've never done this before. As a manager, I have to follow the candidates and then divide by the percentage.

Even so, the manager has to sign a private contract with the lady. I'm just training my job. So I discovered, trained and helped her to shine.

With Phuong Khanh, my company doesn't have it. Me and Khanh work together only on November 13th. Then he will decide his own business. When the company will support me, I will continue.

Phuong Khanh's victory has a huge impact on my reputation and my career. My project was more successful because of its success.

– If the world is less interested in beauty contests, it is no longer "crazy" for Lady for Vietnam – a girl crowning any contest, the next day changed her life, the money surrounds silver. Is this a fertile soil for her?

– Vietnam or other Asian countries are behind everything in the West. So what's new for me is the old story with them. They don't care anymore.

In Vietnam or Asian countries, beauty is always the focus and influence. This is a fertile soil. Currently, in Vietnam, fans of beauty are very excited about a victory on the international stage. This is where I can use martial arts.

Me and Phuong Khanh were the first Vietnamese to open this event, so it's clear that this land has a lot of potential for the future development of people working as Ms. Vietnam.

But I'm not doing this for economic purposes. I've been doing this training for 15 years and I'm sure no one can pay me back. I didn't make a special contract and I didn't get any money from you.

Phuc Nguyen, Ms. Phuong Khanh, at the press conference when she returned home.

Phuc Nguyen, Ms. Phuong Khanh, at the press conference when she returned home.

– It seems hard to believe that sharing is because people rarely put their minds to work before they repeat something?

– My income is in other businesses, for example, a carpenter's workshop, a real estate company, a cosmetic spa and a tea room. Showbiz is where I am passionate and build reputation.

The investment of a person in something without anything, such as the creation of a work of art. Fun, hobby itself. Normally I have 1000 billion people, no one knows who I am or who I am. Talking very enthusiastically, without greedy or wrong. It's an attraction for me to get into this business.

"Phuong Khanh can never win over mountain money"

– When Phuong Khanh is crowned, there are many rumors that bought him, how did he and Phuong Khanh psychologically prepare against this case?

– Phuong Khanh is a new preparation and with me, this is the story of ages. Despite the opposition, I'm very calm rumors.

Phuong Khanh shines on stage. He does not stand next to a mountain of money that does not stand by a giant who expresses himself by his own power.

On the international stage, the name is Vietnam, not Phuong Khanh. The opinion of the opposition should have a clear and self-respecting view.

Phuc Nguyen made a statement about the sounds surrounding the Miss Earth 2018 contest.

Phuc Nguyen made a statement about the sounds surrounding the Miss Earth 2018 contest.

– Before that, there are stories that Miss Earth is not as good as the previous years, how do you see it?

– Before I became the national director of Miss Earth, I did research on this contest. People did not once talk about the corruption of the Earth or the rumors of the Miss Earth that took place every year.

The brake is also listening in reduction or disregard. I need to look at specific numbers to determine. For example, Miss Earth this year has 94 participating countries, the number one in the first three world competitions in terms of the number of participants.

The last night competition with many beautiful, professional, well-organized contestants is a testament to the professionalism. The last 4 reporters were successful, not public or professional humiliating.

– Are there some Miss Earth candidates who sponsor sponsors in sexual harassment?

– The Organizing Committee is responsible for ensuring the safety of the competitors in their activities, test locations, but not enough staff to follow each person on 24/24.

The candidates are all 18 years old, so their special activities are not prohibited. The accusation is only one-sided, because if you have specific evidence, then the matter no longer blames each other with the word mouth.

In the end, only four of you in the competition alone are absolutely happy that you are crowned by the Earth. It's hard to control your reactions. I mean, I've just heard it, but it's not defined in the law.

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