Friday , November 27 2020

People on the mountain

Looking at the pictures of colleagues sent from home, cracked roofs, columns, walls and furniture and furniture in irregular, rocky and sandy soils … I cannot believe that Mount Nui is Nha Trang.

Two years ago, there was progress in eliminating the difficulties and lack of people by visiting this village. Mountain Hamlet is hundreds of roof floors on the side of the island. They just called the house, because they were just attached to the wooden planks, canvas, plastic, bent wooden columns. Most of the people are poor workers, they have returned from four directions, the incomes are insecure based on sailors and hired workers.

All roads in the neighborhood are full of waste. Only self-made pillars, rusty rust, under the wire core, children play carelessly as neighbors. The traffic established by wooden planks is protected by ditches and trenches. Great children temporarily dressed, nhuy nhóc baby carries each other.

The landscape here is totally alien to the luxurious holiday villages in the city, which has the highest urbanization rate in the city. I travel a lot, like Nha Trang, I have never seen anywhere in Vietnam for dizziness at landing speed. Buildings, apartments, top class hotels, resorts, are rising every month along the coast, on the shores of the Cai River and the coastal slopes surrounding the coastal cities such as Hon Ro, Co Tien …

People in the mountain village told me they did not expect anything, they want the government to reduce electricity and water prices, he said. Mai Thi Suong, who lives in a neighborhood of approximately 20 years, has purchased all electricity from a single 00 supplier 17 in the neighborhood for 4,600 dong per kWh of electricity and 17,000 dong per cubic meter of water. Average price for city residents. He said the electricity price is too high and the debt in the neighborhood is too high. Many people think about ways to not use the toilet because of the need for water savings, and saving houses should not allow children to go to school.

Although the story of housing management for people in the mountain has been in use for more than a decade, they reported unexpectedly in the morning 18/11.

People say houses have collapsed very fast since the beginning of running water. When the rain and mountain slides are intense, the roads turn into waterfalls. Hundreds of households have been transformed into furniture, furniture, tiles and chaos … and many people have been buried.

A representative of the government, a mountain lake, a water bomb, said that after another landslide in the Vinh Hoa ward, Nh Trang, where there was a devastating effect on people, he knew that if the coach heard the report, he was cautious towards his children. "The President of Nha Trang City explained that" where the landslide died, the local government did not appear when the incident occurred, not at the city's forecasting points. "

For years, I had heard from disaster areas,, I don't know ”, ün unexpected g,” beyond imagination ”, iy not from hand böl. Local government in front of journalists.

I remember that the authorities in the other district made a presentation on how much new project planning licenses, how many visitors they expect, and how much they will be needed to meet visitor demand. .

But for the inhabitants of the city, the idea that the olik irrational fik thought in their cities is still a symbolic movement is ten years or so away. The relocation, which was only remembered by the city leaders, was, after all, turned into a great tragedy, and called for a c hard Sadece.

Thanh Nguyen

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