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Not just Telegram, Twitter has become a prostitution “market” in Vietnam



Twitter is seen as a place where mothers and grandmothers persuade customers to join their private group on Telegram.

As mentioned in the article “Telegram is becoming a brothel for prostitution in Vietnam”, this messaging app currently has many private chat groups that specialize in serving the purpose of sex brokerage.

Not only that, but also many other social networking platforms, including Twitter, are used by priests and nuns to invite more clients to their private groups.

Not only Telegram but also Twitter has been turned into a prostitution market in Vietnam - 1

Twitter is considered a place monks and nuns use to persuade users to join their private group on Telegram.

Unlike other major social networks like Facebook or Instagram, Twitter’s content moderation system is relatively lax. Users can freely post sensitive or even nude pictures and videos without any censorship issues.

Users can find hundreds of accounts that specialize in posting pornographic information, images and videos with just a few simple search keywords. And of course, many of them are accounts of men and women who specialize in prostitution. Even these accounts have a large number of followers, ranging from a few tens of thousands to several hundred thousand subscribers.

A Twitter account with more than 290,000 followers regularly tweets about “finding help for students” in the familiar look of linking “Sugar Baby” with “Sugar Daddy.”

According to the advertisement in the tweets on this account, the promoted girls are very young, born in 1999-2003, students at universities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or some other provinces. .

In addition, the grandparents also revealed some other basic information about “Baby” such as appearance, height, weight, three-round measurements, accompanied by a partially blurred or closed image. And, of course, it is indispensable to ask for the amount of money that the “Father” has to provide, monthly or in installments.

However, customers who need to be connected won’t be able to contact them directly on Twitter. Instead, this account will contain a link that will take users to join private Telegram groups. This allows men and women to work more safely and to “take care” of customers more easily.

In Vietnam, not only Telegram, but also Twitter has been turned into a prostitution market - 2

Many prostitution brokerage accounts on Twitter attract a large number of subscribers.

In addition to the sex brokerage accounts above, many girls choose Twitter for business. They are ready to post videos and photos of some sensitive body parts to invite “guests” in need.

Users will have to pay a certain fee to view the “uncovered full version”. Even these accounts openly accept services like “chats**” or follow up on any request from customers as long as they offer a reasonable price.

It is worth noting that all of these accounts have existed on Twitter for several years. However, the platform hardly censors sensitive content posted by its users.

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