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New events are full of surprises


Tuesday, 21.01.2018 18:41 (GMT + 7)

Car blue 80B fake run, turn on the lights, whistle leading to whistling priority street revolt, fined ten tens of millions of deputy director.

Meanwhile, the launch of the 80B green car on Saigon Street - 1

80B Marine Green Car was driven by Mr. Thanh's priority in blowing the whistle priority

On the afternoon of November 6, the police team in District 2, CSGT, the source of the reporter, decided to punish Mr. Dao Minh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City, for violations such as no registration, no supervision. Insurance, not in order of priority, but with vehicles using priority signals, continuously honking in the residential area … with a total fine of 14.7 million.

Mr. Thanh, the green car is the fire fighter of 80B-3758, which causes chaos in zone 2, which causes many people to be in an emergency.

Meanwhile, Sai Gon - 2 green car 80B launch driver

When it comes to a real estate company, people in the car come in.

Before him, on the evening of October 20, Mr. Thanh drives the car with the fake traffic number 80B-3758, which has green traffic on Nguyen Duy Trinh, Le Van Thinh … in zone 2. On the road, hold the lights on, turn on the left whistle, drag it to the left to advance at a very fast speed. Because many people are in a hurry to give way, everyone thinks that the blue car is a priority to continue with its emergency mission. Seeing the kids in the car, a lot of people think that the car carries people to the 2nd District Hospital.

However, when he came to the 28th Street (Cat Lai Ward, District 2), the car stopped in front of a real estate company, then rang the bell and entered the house.

The event was saved by people who posted online. The authorities then entered the verification by defining the wrong car in the blue sea.

Mr. Dao Minh Thanh, who worked with the police, told the siren … that they caused their children.

According to District 2 police, Thanh initially agreed to rent a woman's car in 2 counties. The owner of the car worked with the woman to produce paper on the car. Violation of the above.

The source, "the 80B-3758 plate car, is still being held by the 2nd District police force to verify the supply," he said.

Mr. Thanh is known to be the Deputy Director of the resettlement agency Duc Khai (District 2 Service Co., Ltd.).

80B fake whistle priority, representing the drivers driving the car blue sea, reporters on the way

Calling the 80B green pseudonym of the car, the Saigon, who works with the priorities of the Respects, has confirmed the opinion of the police …

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