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Mysterious Giant, Underground Horrible Underground


A trillion agreement by chance

The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) announced the results of evaluating the capacity of investors participating in the auction of the shares of Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Corporation (Vinaconex). Military Telecom Industry (Viettel) owner.

Accordingly, the two foreign names meet the requirements and show the financial capacity to achieve the total number of shares worth at least 2 trillion Viettel VND.

Once again, investors look forward to seeing the rich margin behind the deal more than many billionaires.

Meanwhile, two names were announced: Vu by Xuan Cuong Trinh Quoc Chinh Vietnam and Cuong Vu Real Estate Limited Company Urban and Home Improvement Company.

Trinh Can Chinh and Vu Xuan Cuong both feel very strange to investors. Mr. Trinh Can Chinh is also known after the decision of the national capitalist Trinh Van Bo to follow the 60-year business plan. Almost no information about Vu Xuan Cuong. Cuong Vu Real Estate Limited Company was established. Investors are curious about the outcome of the auction.

The giant concealed the trillions of the crisis in Vietnam.

The giant concealed the trillions of the crisis in Vietnam.

Previously, at the auction of the $ 5 billion Saigon Beer Joint Stock Company (Sabeco), the market saw a new name, a business in Hanoi, the only investor to join: Vietnam Drink

The family business later acquired a 53.6 percent stake in Sabeco's worth $ 5 billion, and it was discovered that Thai Charoen was a descendant of billionaire TCC Holdings. The Sirivadhanabhakd.

ThaiBev has 100% Beerco Limited, while TCC Holdings has ThaiBev. Beerco Limited has a 49% Vietnam F & B Alliance and Vietnam Drink is 100%. Thanks to this newly established company, the Thai king has 53,59% Sabeco. One last year, Sabeco opened the room to 100% after a year of thieves taking over.

The reason why Thai billionaires have to create Vietnam Drink is 49% of the foreign ownership regulation in Sabeco. Now the mechanism is open, the Thai king can take over Sabeco.

On November 22, Viettel sold 94 million shares of Vinaconex (21.28%) and the SCIC presented 255 million Vinaconex shares (57.71%) on the same day. Foreign companies established in the country to participate in the agreement.

However, this ability seems to be low, as Vinaconex has lost its leading position in the construction industry. The charm of Vinaconex is located on millions of square meters of land throughout Hanoi, along with large real estate projects. The favorite factor of such leading real estate giants is: Pham Nhat Vuong (Vingroup), Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao (VietJet), Nguyen Thi Nga (BRG), Bui Thanh Nhon (Novaland), …

The names on the financial market are pretty strange.

The names on the financial market are pretty strange.

The underground which is richer than the millionaire

A few years ago, the investor bought a small buzz about a construction business name "big" in the same industry as Tuan Loc 50 years Cienco4. The young Danish 8x Tran Tuan Loc, Nam Dan, was the owner of Nghe An, the native Cienco4.

After a long time, the real giants of Cienco4 emerged: Nghe An's co-vice. Truong Thi Tam is the Vice Chairman of the Board and a key shareholder of this company. Meanwhile, the young entrepreneur Tran Tuan Loc family is no longer a member of the board of directors of this organization.

Recently, wife of Nghe Vice President Suddenly abandoned the big boss Cienco 4 in the context of the business plan to the stock market in 4/2018. Changes in the shareholder structure are not disclosed.

Many rich Vietnamese are silent. In mid-2018, a number of young giants rushed to make mysterious transactions on VPBank. After the transaction, a 23-year-old teenager, who has 1.7 trillion dong, is richer than the Bau Duc.

Earlier, many transactions were carried out on the mysterious name of hundreds of millions of shares in the bank, including the shareholders of the bank and a large number of young giants with thousands of billion assets.

As of the end of 2015, a record was set at the stock exchange in the last phase of the 2011-2015 period. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the stock market GEX's Electrical Equipment Company of Vietnam – Gelex (equivalent to more than 78.7% of the capital), more than 122 million shares, the opening of the Stock Exchange on 25 December. 30 minutes after session.

There are many mysterious giants near the billionaires.

There are many mysterious giants near the billionaires.

The release of two trillion dong evolved slowly, with the appearance of a young and quiet businessman in the boss position. At the beginning of 2018, the Board of Directors of Gelex decided to select Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan as President of Gelex. However, Tuan does not have any shares in Gelex. Investors don't know who owns this big business.

The previous financial crises were shaken by the big mining deal of North – Hop Thanh; with the renowned sea ports along the coast, leading to the hotel's capital, Daewoo. Vietnam, Vinalines Dinh Vu, Quy Nhon.

The disposal of Hai Ha Confection has seen millions of people shaking, including the mysterious women giants. Big and unexpected transactions take billions of profits in a very short time.

In the middle of 2017, three large individual shareholders of Hai Ha Confectionary Corporation (HHC) sold 8.3 million HHC shares (equivalent to approximately 51% HHC). Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang and Ms. Le Bich Thuc each sold 3 million shares. Nguyen Van Bac sold more than 2.3 million shares and received approximately 51,000 shares per share.

All shares were purchased from Nguyen Thi Duyen in the first half of April and were purchased at an average price of 44,000 dong per share. Thus, in less than two months, two female giants gathered more than 300 billion in total, and per capita profit was about $ 20 billion, equal to $ 1 million.

Earlier, Ms. Nguyen Thi Duyen was shaken by more than 8 million shares separated from this job (about 48,500 VND / shares) when HHC Vinataba sold back tens of billions of dollars. com.

In recent years, the largest giant in the stock market as a series of large giants. However, the number of underground wealthy people is still highly appreciated by some national organizations. Recent tranche sales have emerged.

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