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Mr. Vo Van Thuong: Corruption handling & # 39; safe landing & # 39; does not have the concept. Events


Bui Xuan Thong, deputy chairman of Vo Van Thuong and the National Assembly delegation in Dong Nai province, met with the voters of Vinh Cuu.

At the meeting, Vinh Cuu voters reflect the delegation about the hot issues in the region, such as the deterioration of roads, failure to guarantee the infrastructure, asa problems affect the people. Humans are demanding compensation for land acquisition at low prices, converting them to long-lasting industrial plants to increase income from rice soils, it becomes difficult when handling applications for merit people.

In addition, voters are also interested in many important issues such as the country's economic growth; to deal with corruption, corruption; There are still many inadequacies.

Before responding to voters, Vo Van Thuong said he was elected vice-president of Dong Nai Province. The three regions, H. Nahh Trach, Long Thanh and Bien Hoa.

Due to further contacts with other local residents to obtain more cases, the delegation of the State People's Committee made him contact Vinh Cuu. Mr. Vo Van Thuong thanked the voters, H. Vinh Cuu & # 39; or, despite the rain, under the influence of the storm, whereas the voters were still crowded enough.

For local issues reflected by voters, Mr. Vo Van Thuong asked local leaders to appoint people's cadres, listening to voters whether any government was right or not. As far as I understand, if the government does not fix it, it should be corrected, not even wrong, corrected in time.

In the fight against corruption, Mr. Vo Van Thuong stated that the Party and the State were too tight and close to determine where the prohibited areas were located in the meantime. "Heavy, a little above".

Mr. Vo Van Thuong: Corruption handling & # 39; safe landing & # 39; not have the concept - photo 1

Mr. Vo Van Thuong spoke to Vinh Cuu (Dong Nai) voters

Picture: Le Lam

Mr. Vo Van Thuong said:, If we follow, the Politburo Member, the Party Central Committee Member, the Party Party Committee Secretary, the Deputy Minister, the Deputy Minister, the resigned from the post, the incumbent officials, retired and misunderstood, There is a safe landing concept. In the army, the police discussed areas that have not been addressed so far. "

For better frustration of political ideology, morality and corruption, Mr. Vo Van Thuong said the government needed public control.

Because those who know the best know clearly the cadres, the members of the party are corrupt, showing signs of recession, in their area, in areas of good or bad people.

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