Thursday , September 29 2022

Most Vietnamese win the interim elections


Senator Janet Nguyen from California. Photo: Senate

Senator Janet Nguyen from California. photo: senate

There are 24 ethnic Vietnam in the US midterm elections. OC Registration According to the results of early voting, 42-year-old Sen. Janet Nguyen leads a support vote of 59% in the 34-seat race in California. Republican senators dominated the election campaign of rival Democratic Colonel Tom Umberg, thanks to a large Vietnamese community in Orange County.

District 34 covers most of the cities of Little Saigon such as Garden Saigon, Westminster and Santa Ana. Janet was elected to the California Senate in 2014 and was the first Vietnamese elected to the highest legislative state in the United States.

Also in California, in the 72nd region, Tyler Diep paved the way with 55%. Westminster City Council member, the House of Commons for a competitor left the opponent behind Democrat.

N I'm very excited and grateful for the early election results we see, ett said Tyler, November 6. "If this result remains the same, I would like to do my best to win the trust and support of those who don't vote for me tonight. A voice for all people in this part of Sacramento."

California State Representative Tyler Diep. Photo: OC Record

California State Representative Tyler Diep. photo: OC Registration

Another important Vietnam vote in the interim elections is the Rep. follow Click on OrlandoMurphy continues to represent Florida's 7th Congress area by defeating Republican rival Mike Miller.

John Mica, who has 12 terms in the House of Commons, won seats in the US Congress in 2016.

A woman with two children says that Florida will focus on its hot issues, such as drug crises, to help stabilize veterans' lives by expanding low-interest loans for small businesses.

In the winning speech, Ms. Murphy stressed the importance of being ready to cooperate with lawmakers to remove laws that would benefit Florida residents. ”My loyalty is always to the people I represent, not to any political party, but to the US Constitution,“ he said.

follow Andover TownsmanIn Massachusetts, Tram Nguyen, a Vietnamese lawyer, ran for the first time and won against Republican incumbent Jim Lyons. The 18th district in the House of Commons will be the representative of the Essex District and the first Vietnam-American to be elected to this Massachusetts office.

. It is extraordinary to look at all the challenges of the past and to be ready to help everyone hear their voice,. Says the tram. .

Tram Nguyen, who recently won a seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Photo: Andover Townsman

Tram Nguyen, who recently won a seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. photo: Andover Townsman

In the city of Westminster, according to preliminary results, Tri Ta re-elected the mayor. In the two empty seats of the city council, two Vietnamese-born Tai Do and Charlie Nguyen Manh Chi are led by 13 runners.

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