Tuesday , July 27 2021

Latest information on the case of 4 Vietnamese workers in Korea

According to the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of War, and the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOLISA), all four workers are Vietnamese workers in Korea under the EPS scheme. When the worker heals the corrosive equipment in the chemical tank, the cause of the accident is determined by the electric shock welding bulb.

Prior to that, a fire broke out in Foosung Precision Industry, Wonju, Korea, producing plastic tubs and valves at 9.45 am on November 10th.

The latest news about 4 Vietnamese workers suffering from serious injury 1
Firefighters extinguish the fire after a factory fire in Korea. (Photo: Yonhap)

The accident caused four Vietnamese workers there. Two workers, including in particular, were killed: Huu Lung in 1987, Chu Van Duong, born in Lang Son Province and Mr. Tang Van Khanh (Huu Lung, Lang Son Province, born in 1990); Two workers were injured: Mr. Do Quoc Hung, born in 1987, and Mr. Wang Dac Khai, born in 1997.

After receiving information about the incident in the afternoon of 10/11, the Overseas Management Department (MOLISA) managed the workforce board in Korea in coordination with the Embassy of Vietnam. South Korea, EPS Office and other relevant institutions to contact the hospital to contact, to treat and support injured workers to visit.

At the same time, the Ministry also oversaw the Board of Directors to discuss the procedures and resolution processes of policies and regimes where workers die.

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Two more wounded workers were transferred to Halang University Hospital Hanggang Scared City Seoul for further treatment and treatment.

On November 11, the Overseas Working Center also sent a written notice to the families of the victims' victims and the local labor office before commencing the necessary procedures. Support workers and their families.

According to the center, the family of two dead workers is conducting procedures to authorize the wife of labor. Chu Van Duong (worker's Tang Van Khanh) is working to bring dead labor in Korea. to return home. In addition, the Center also supports procedures for relatives of Quoc Hung to visit.

On the afternoon of November 12, the Workers' Board of Directors, the Embassy and the EPS Office will visit, encourage and give the workers.

Nguyen Trang / VOV.VN

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