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It's not time to panic


No, Jurgen Klopp put himself in a difficult position with a surprise defeat in front of Red Star, but that doesn't mean that he lost the right to death in the league with both Paris Saint-Germain and Naples.

Kop and the most forgettable match of the season

When asked about the failure in Belgrade, Jurgen Klopp grabbed both hands and said, iyle I only have 10 fingers. Du It seems impossible to rely on Liverpool's awful performance.

Reds 2-0 Liverpool It's not time to panic
Red Sox 2-0 Liverpool

Without mentioning the obvious side of the score, the 0-2 defeat in Sao Do was worse than the defeat of Chelsea in the British League Cup in September, when Kop lost a tight spot in the back-up team. It is not really important or priority to be eliminated from a big team and a tournament.

Last month, it was even worse in the Champions League than the defeat of Napoli, where Klopp was severely penalized because of disability and had already missed a point that became extremely valuable.

The Marakana show in Serbia witnessed the worst and worst of the worst performances of Liverpool since the beginning of the season. Of course, the Merseyside giants are well worth the extra damage and empty hands.

Liverpool lost the shock in Belgrade. It's not time to panic the image.
Red Sox 2-0 Liverpool


A special disaster in the first half, exactly half an hour in the first match, the goal of Milan Pavkov drowned quickly finished the fate of the guests. A £ 300,000 strike a week raises the most expensive defender in the world to clear the corner from one corner and throw the world's most expensive goalkeeper at close range. 30m.

Virgil Van Dijk, Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge, the three black points that represent a stretching and forgettable Liverpool nightmare. This also shows a failure to embellish the depths of the 9 games, and only shows Kop's 3 & # 39; is losing in Belgrade: blame them!
Liverpool 2-0 red card Jurgen Klopp a very cruel. In addition to the opponents, the Red Brigade must blame themselves when they play with much less real power.

Contemporary panic is not necessary

However, Liverpool should be worried right now? Short answer, no. Of course, it would be entirely sympathetic for Kop to overreact to its current style, but the problem is that it should be placed in the right conditions.

When the results of the Champions League group raffles were determined, it would soon appear that the private death scene would have appeared in late September, while the lesser known remains of Liverpool were known. Mid October with intense combat program.

Liverpool lost the shock in Belgrade. It's not time to panic the image.
Red Sox 2-0 Liverpool

They won nine out of their last three games, but they were not as bad as they did when they defeated Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League and won Tottenham and Manchester City, Arsenal and Arsenal respectively. Keep an unbeaten record in the Premier League.

Of course, Naples and the defeat of Red Star are unacceptable. However, compared to the same period last year, Liverpool, Premier League and City and Tottenham suffered against their opponents and Newcastle, Watford and Spartak Moscow.

Now, these weak sweepstakes were extremely ugly to Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Huddersfield Town, but it was extremely necessary. At the same time, a quality and defense level was minimized.

Arsenal vs Liverpool
Red Sox 2-0 Liverpool

The most optimistic point here is that the failure of the Belgrade shock has no significant impact on the open-closed door or Liverpool's knockout knockout phase. Of course, if they don't want to be in real danger, they'll need a brighter and more convincing performance in Prince Park three weeks later.

However, the concern with disasters is unnecessary or at least not. Red Belgrade teaches Liverpool the right lesson, but stay calm, Klopp will count the days of forgetfulness, just like the palms of hands.

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