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India's exotic wedding ban, visitors want to participate in the payment trip

Tuesday, November 27, 2008 7:00 PM (GMT + 7)

If you want to experience an Indian wedding experience, you could spend some money to join.

Weddings are often considered personal events for family and friends, but some couples in India are happy to come to pay for the traditional weddings of many foreigners. Money wedding.

If you want to experience the unique cultural elements of India, it is one of the last traditional cultures, according to JoinMyWedding, a wedding travel company.

India's curious wedding ban, wanting to take visitors to charge - 1

Here, visitors can only taste the food at the Indian wedding ceremony, and it is often impossible to find a unique day in the air and in the fresh air.

For married couples, they receive blessing not only from family, friends, but also from unmarried people. They also have an extra charge to cover everything at the wedding.

. If you want to know the Indian culture, there is nothing to show clearly and fully with the people's wedding. Here, visitors can exchange friends, eat, wear traditional clothes, make music … all the cultural elements, dates are clearly shown on this date, "Orsi Parkanyi, who told CNM the bright JoinMyWedding.

"Experiencing all cultural elements at once, combining meaning with local people in India is both a tourist and a government concern. It's a safe experience. You're attending an event with hundreds of people, you're a worthy and caring guest."

Unexpected Indian wedding rule, visitors who want to attend the visit - 2

Tourists who would like to join the traditional Indian wedding through JMW should pay $ 250 for two days, including 150 dollars for a day's attendance, meals and a one-way orientation. Tour guides explain all the traditional traditions and rituals. Wedding, accommodation and traditional costume rental services are also available.

Today, the number of visitors who want to participate in the wedding experience in India is increasing. The fact that at least 100 people attended 25 weddings last year stated that most of the reactions of both Indian tourists and couples were positive.

A Hungarian tourist, "The payment is the best way to thank the couples and their hospitality for foreigners like me." Said.

Orsi Parkanyi has noticed that many fraudulent wedding travels have increased. Therefore, there were very comprehensive arrangements and procedures between couples and visitors.

So you want to sell your wedding tickets to tourists?

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