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In the sewer "beach shore", thousands of people have been tricked by a stork


Many distributed projects benefit ads from the park. According to intermediaries, brokers are introduced to the priority of the project, direct view of the lake and air conditioning will breathe clean air.

In fact, the project has long been completed, but the park has not yet seen. This park is not developed by the developer, so progress is beyond the investor's ability. The owner's "sky" ads, which bothers the buyer.

An example of the Nhan Chinh Lake Lake Park project, surrounded by parks, is a series of buildings, dense buildings. The owners of this house, while selling Nhan Chinh to the air conditioner, put an emphasis on promoting the path of the project near the park.

Many glittering parking but slow progress

Many glittering parking but slow progress

As advertised by an investor, the residents of the future can go on a pleasant stroll and participate in recreational activities in the green area, thanks to the fact that you are right next to the park. In addition, most of the park's southeast side has lush greenery and lake views. While sitting in the bedroom or on the balcony, residents are happy with the grass and the green of the lake.

It should be noted that a large number of projects have been operating for a long time, but after the reconstruction the park has been completed recently. Before that, the owner of Mandarin Garden had tied the park to its own project ad, but later, because of the public reaction, the owner cut the clip.

Similarly, an air-conditioned park of 12 hectares adjacent to the Nam Trung Yen urban area (Cau Giay area) is also surrounded by many investors while marketing open apartments. According to the plan, 1,600 billion VND projects will be completed between 2015-2016.

However, the planning path (section 21 m) that connects Mac Thai To and Mac Thai Tong (yellow) will also be completed. However, the "park" is a giant pond that has just been abandoned for years.

The apartments have a view of the lake, but it is not known whether they should enjoy the scenery when they appear new.

The project on paper also enables the planning of 21 's for residents of the Home City. This is also the reason for the urgent need of people living in this building.

It is the road to Huu and the new urban areas such as Trung Van, Phung Khoang, as well as Vinaconex 3, Phung Khoang park project. The project covers a total area of ​​11,9 hectares, of which the lake area is 7.1 hectares; The area of ​​landscaping trees is 4.8 ha; Length of filling length 1.075 m.

The park is designed in the style of the state-of-the-art golf course. This project will be suitable for high-level apartment projects which will start in the coming period and will create a homogeneous and harmonious living environment in accordance with the green standards.

Large parks in the western region have been put to use after long delays

Large parks in the western region have been put to use after long delays

The construction of the marina project has long been directed towards the upper-class segment, which was partly used to decorate the project. However, the new offers of marina boom only lies on paper.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Region 8 project, the investor introduces the ideal living environment with pictures of rivers and marinas. However, the reality is quite different, the project is surrounded by very dirty channels from the flowing Saigon River.

Another project was the Dong Nai River, which had a beach like the sea, but this area is a "black" point of pollution. Also, here the river water is strong, can not build the beach as advertised by the project investor.

According to some real estate professionals, many existing people rely on gaps in the law and "attract" fake devices to attract customers. These services are not included in the contract, so guests cannot complain when the house is not delivered. Therefore, before signing the project, the buyer should carefully read the items that are not in the project but not the product.

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