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If "free wear" error, yes, the main mistake in people!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 8:10 PM (GMT + 7)

Broadcasting may be good or bad, depending on the aesthetic eyes of the viewer, but it is bad or beautiful, but also the user's preference.

Most of the world stars actively promote feminism

In the past few years, "Free Round" or Free The Nipple was not just a fashionable dress that was promoted by many fashionable and popular people. More objectively, it has now become a tool for women to pass, to fight for equality, to regain their right to wear their favorite things without having to look at the pulses. around.

Talk about "Loose" or do not ignore the thick, cape of women, not only the male, but also the female itself divided into many fractions.

He said 100 men would probably be 99: Some loosely left, his wife is definitely not, it must be closed! The other brother helped release his wife, ignored the world or the evil, but is certainly not at heart in the heart … and countless other comments.

When it comes to women, perhaps 50% of respondents said that removing her bra should be the only thing in the house, in the bedroom, alone or in pairs. When there is a third person or in the middle of a public place, it is indisputable to wear enough clothes to cover the body. The other half, fans said, were feminists, the person was still "decided according to the circumstances."

Both men and women do not support Free Nipple

However, it is more frightening than the opinions and supporters of the above, a carefree affirmation, wearing clothes that bypass bras, creating the conditions of negative thoughts, the reason. less civilized. Then you promise not to stay as a sister in a famous forum "Men are free in places where they love too much and are later harassed by their mouths."!

Feeling weird?

Since when are women harassing their way of dirty harassment, sexual harassment? When do some people decide on a person's life just in the way they dress?

Broadcasting may be good or bad, depending on the aesthetic eyes of the viewer, but it is bad or beautiful, but also the user's preference. No one has the power to judge, criticize or bully more than to harm someone because he chose to say "no" to his bra.

It's not my job to like wearing a bra, but if you don't like looking at me, you can't blame me for wearing a bra or having bad thoughts about me just because I wear it, it's a problem for you.

Just as you eat a good meal, the world is not good but good, not because of your taste, it's not anyone's fault.

Going or not cannot be the root of unpopular actions

There are people who say this: "People in the West are free, but culture is not learning by itself (Vietnam)!

It is true that every country or region has its own culture, but it is about learning to respect the appearance of others or how to act arrogant around differences. culture of all humanity.

If you can't accept the Free The Nipple as a feminist revolution, let's just leave it alone as an outfit like other fashions. Nice compliments, not nice after ignoring. Do not rush, disturb or cause someone to hurt the soul because people don't wear it just the way they want …

Men naked, why woman

Equality of women, the right to dress as you wish, without harassment will not be as you want …

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