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I can replace the word "no" with "no" in the title, but it will decrease the value of the song.


"Do you need more than you?" The latest music product marks the collaboration of rapper Den Van, Vu and director Thanh Dong. Just after the first exit, MV fired a catchy tune in MXH rustic Lyrics and lyrics of rap lyrics are close to young people's words. Also the title it is also the main song with strong slang words in the choir, to impress the audience. The use of this expression expresses the reluctant attitude of his son towards everything in life other than the one he loves.

After the product was released, Black Rapper took time to share more about the new song, especially today's music composition title and personal opinions.

MV "I need you" – Black Feat. Vu, Thanh Dong

Black's new music should be easy to understand, why do you call it that?

The name of the song is not mine but determined by a friend. Bir You need more than you, sanat wrote Da Lat, the first song was made by a friend – the owner of an artist, in the spirit of the singer's soul. I accidentally heard it and I went back to the clip with it. I shared this short clip on Youtube as everyone knows.

After working together to turn the melody into a complete song, I finished the author request of "You need more than me" and asked to make a change to change the name of the first album. spectator.

This is an official and widely published song, should you change the title in the title to be more appropriate?

How is that appropriate? What's appropriate? I think that if the speech is correct, the name of the song must match the melody with the message it wants to convey.

In fact, I and the crew also thought of using a slightly lighter word for the song, but it was not appropriate. While listening to the song that people will understand, I can completely change the word "no" with "no" or "no", but to change the context and meaning of the whole song, this change reduces the price. its value.

Rapper Black: I can change from zero to zero on the title but it will decrease the value of the song - Picture 2.

Most recently, in MV & Vu and Thanh Dong, the Black Dance is titled an What do I need? &.

You're not afraid that the MV will get negative reactions from the audience, because there have been many controversial songs on the market recently?

I don't think my song is anything to discuss. As I said, if you listen to the whole song and understand its message, you know that it is a great choice for the emotions of getting that name.

If I wanted to draw attention to my product, I thought I could use more words to shock. But like many other artists, I want a perfect expression for my work, so I don't change. And those who listen to the music of Black will know that I'm not going to get opinions, especially in such ways.

I know about people discussing the name of the song, but I don't think it's a bad word, just a bit, normal and not remarkable. There are more words that are stronger than what you see in art. The key is how you use it to express your work. If your job is good enough to touch the listener's touch, I just think that someone who likes to judge is judging a song with only one name.

This is actively active in 2018, when it wants to confirm its name in the music industry instead of playing müzik as before müzik.

I never thought I had to argue myself and I didn't know how to do it. I also hope you won't give me any names, especially numbers 1, 2, or 3 & # 39; I always try to make the music that I feel best, and other rappers are good at their own schools, and Rap Viğit creates a picture of their rich colors.

To me, when I'm inspired, I'm going to write, record, and present to everyone, starting from the earliest days of writing music. I'll just be honest with my feelings, be honest with the music and be honest with my listeners.

So now someone asks me how many songs I have next year this year. Writing, finishing a song, a musical product is entirely based on inspiration. Maybe I have a few songs this year, but next year it's not necessarily a song. Not each of them has a specific plan or meticulous calculations, but only the emotions, the feelings that music expresses.

More than three years since his release, "Take Me Away" is still the best-known name in Black. Fear of the following songs, does not overcome success?

Yeah, but the fear is already on you. That's when I tried to find the way to certain directions, and now I've determined what I want to bring to the audience. What I need to do now is just to be honest with these feelings in music.

The success of lulu Take Me Away sev has brought me many things, many of them likely the happiness of having human love. "Take me", makes me feel lucky, not pressure.

"Take me away" – Black ft. Godfather

Black plans to advance the South to develop more careers in the coming period?

I'm happy with my life and I have no intention to change. In addition, I think that the present ığ south in is just a concept, and that the developing geographic distance is no longer an obstacle, as society is now. Whether or not the South moves is not so important, so I can go anywhere and career development is the same.

Thanks for sharing the above Black!

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