Thursday , September 29 2022

Hotel management in Saigon has tried to unlock security


On 8/11, the District 1 police handed over Nguyen Vo Anh Tai (Quang Ngai, 23 years old) to Ho Chi Minh City Police to address the behavior. Property theft.

Police. Photo: Nhat Vy.

Police. photo: Japanese Vy.

According to the research, Phan Thanh Helene's (76-year-old, Viet Kieu American) wife was a frequent traveler. She was seen as a relative by relatives, often thanks to the hotel, travel arrangements …

In mid-April, the couple returned to the country, Thai enthusiasts made the hotel reservation to stay in Dong Khoi Street (District 1) to help. Nowadays, young men visit frequently and visit the show very closely.

In the morning at 18/4, after breakfast the husband said he has work to go to Tai, at the ground floor hotels with his wife. After a long time, Ms. Thanh got tired, wanted to rest but could not find the room key on the table.

Ms. Thanh's husband is struggling to find the money back. Overseas women from Vietnam said they had lost the key, holding the wrong, paying and pulling pockets to leave. In the room, Thanh discovered that the cabin was open, the hatches opened in the vault and were no longer in the $ 10,000 period.

The hotel management said "I forgot my password" before opening the account. He said he was given the right to manage the safety of söyl Thanh “. Seeing two relatives and Tai as the person making the reservation should manage the hotel without a doubt.

Ms. Thanh's wife called softly to remind the brothers to return their money, but failed. Many times he advised but ignored and contact was discontinued, Ms. Thanh reported the police.

Police seized a security camera image that recorded the time of the incident in the hotel management room. Recently, Ms. Thanh's friend inadvertently saw the police need to hold the police. Young men accepted all action.

Japanese Vy

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