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Wednesday, January 28, 2016 8:02 PM (GMT + 7)

The AFF Cup website, which records its strength and keeping it clean after the group stage in Vietnam, is still afraid of the "rolling" date and can dethrone the teacher teacher Hang Seo Park.

"Western" sublimation performance in AFF Cup 2018 and Vietnam telecasts (published by Next Media Copyright, VTC)

Vietnam Wire AFF Cup 2018 round with 1 point (10 points / 4 games), 8 goals scored and kept clean. This is a remarkable achievement if no team is as good as the "Golden Star" in this year's tournament.

Vietnam have scored 0 goals in the semifinals: AFF Cup is scared & # 34; History - 1

House AFF Cup Vietnam telephone stick afraid not to keep clean grid "champion table"

Even in the period AFF Cup Most recently (in 2016), Tel Vietnam coach Nguyen Huu Thang won the group's first victory and still scored two goals. For this reason, both professionals and NHM have great expectations about the ability of the Park Hang Seo teacher.

However, not everyone is optimistic. In an article titled "AFF Cup 2018: Impressive numbers in the group scene", the author noticed that Vietnam football was "history" without any team: no team in the ring was a champion … not a champ!

This fear is well established. In Thailand, the Tiger Cup 2000, led by coach Alfred Riedl, kept Tel Vietnam group stage clear (Malaysia 0-0, Cambodia 6-0, Singapore 1-0, Laos 5-0). However, after losing to Indonesia (2-3, semi-finals) and Malaysia (0-3, bronze medal) we have only ranked 4th.

The other teams also secured the network after the AFF Cup in Indonesia in 2004, and in 2008 both players were in Thailand. To say more, Thailand was defeated by Vietnam with a total of 3-2 points.

"Vietnam Tel, as many people have predicted before the AFF Cup, has entered the semi-finals with the top of the Group A cold, won three-quarters of the match and kept the net clean, which is a positive but historical sign. Do not support themselves in Thailand in 39 and 2000. Vietnam may reverse this rule in the AFF Cup 2018, ve Excerpts from the article on the AFF Cup website.

In short Vietnam Wire We must concentrate all our efforts on the semifinals of the Philippines on December 2 and 6/12.

Vietnam-Philippines ticketing: Fans boil, VFF has a new ticketing channel

On the morning of November 28, the flight to My Dinh Stadium on December 6 was hot.

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