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He said "no matter who, went to court."


Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung.

Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung.

Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung said in a speech on the Law on the draft Tax Administration on November 15, he said that the draft agency would continue to look for ideas and research. The law aims to make the best quality and affordable to the country's economic development.

Concerning the duties and authorities of the Ministry, the audit and supervisory body, the results of the revenue collection agency, the tax office, the audit agency and the State Audit are serious.

According to the minister, each year, the tax office controls 18-20% of the total number of enterprises, but builds fences for inspection, based on the analysis and evaluation of risk criteria. Accordingly, the tax authorities took a very large part. For example, in 2017, through audits, the audit operated up to 55,000 billion VND, which generated budget revenues of $ 16,000 billion; 57,000 billion business losses.

Similarly, when the State Supervisory Agency audits in enterprises, there is also a higher revenue increase for the budget compared to the tax office. Thus, the tax authorities basically participate in the results of the State Audit.

"However, during the implementation of the results, the tax authorities are taking it very seriously, taxpayers are advising to pay more, but the taxpayers they find are not satisfying, but they are suing. Said.

In this case, the Minister made a proposal when the company committed it: konu When we consider that we should be accountable to the court, we continue to absorb this issue for review and procurement. The provisions of the Constitution and the Law, in particular the Law on Inspection and Inspection, facilitate the inspection work in strict adherence to the legal order and avoid overlapping, ensuring compliance with functions, the duties of the State apparatus and the interests of taxpayers. "

After being defended by the Minister of Finance, General State Auditor Ho Duc Phuc said: anda I believe that the auditors have misrepresented, so the taxpayers participating in the case are the tax authorities.

"I have served as an Auditor General for nearly three years, and I have not received a conclusion on State Control for the tax office," he said.

The head of the State Audit also showed the example of the tax authorities abandoning the source of income.

"When we look at non-national companies for the last two years, we've compared 94% of tax losses with comparison figures." The data showed that the risk selection was wrong and that many businesses were risky. No more taxes, "he said.

He also said that in 2017, the audit of value-added tax returns is more than $ 1,496 billion, and that the supervision incentives in the export-processing zones in Ho Chi Minh City should also take back 1.749.5 billion pounds. Compared to the 4 regions in Ho Chi Minh City, there is 658 land without income. In particular, in district 1, after the audit, the Regional Tax Office made an immediate call and received 283.3 billion revenue.

The auditors are trying to do their best not only for public spending, but also for the activities of the tax authorities, to be supervised by the National Assembly. We are responsible for our results. "There are businesses that are offered to pay taxes without tax," he said, "touching" on a business where all the ideas are, but when the check is withdrawn.

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