Thursday , December 3 2020

H & # 39; Hen, & # 39; Miss Universe 2018 & # 39; In the national costume & # 39; national bread & # 39; chose culture

Previously, the selection of national costumes for the representatives of Vietnam's Miss Universe competition, the last round of the tiger (Nguyen Dang Thanh Nhan), Pham Minh Phuc (Pham Minh Phuc), Pho It is the work. Thang (Nguyen Duc Hai), the famous Vietnamese (Nguyen Vu Hung – Thaç Thanh Dat), Bread (Pham Phuoc Dien).

His meticulous designs, his creativity, his authenticity and style, his escape from familiar design models and his new perspectives on writing made him admired by six audiences. Vietnam through the eyes of amateur designers. Most pay attention to the bread. But unlike these praises, this design has caused mixed views because it seemed very comfortable. In this costume, Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 was pleased to show that the Vietnamese look like a baker with a popular and familiar image.

H & # 39; Hen's # Miss Universe 2018 ulusal as the national costume & # 39; national bread & # 39; do not choose - photo 1

We're redesigning Bread on the evening of 21.11. The plates made of "Eat is addictive" and "10K" fabrics were criticized for making the outfit bulky.

Photo: FBMU

Finally, the audience had a total of 40% (40%) and referees (60%). Thuan Viet, the director of Duong Truong Thien Ly – Miss Universe Vietnam Miss Universe 2018 Bread (Pham Phuoc Dien).

Thus, for the first time a redesign of a Vietnamese dish and a national costume opened fire to the audience because of Pham Phuoc Dien's baking process. Highly appreciated for the groundbreaking idea, after being interpreted by the referees, many comments, viewers' comments, are changed according to new images suitable for Bread H & H. More and more brave Vietnam identity. H & # 39; s Hen Nie himself is a beauty queen with brown hair, it is not surprising that he chose the page template this year with the national costume contest at the Miss Universe. In the previous international competitions, the Vietnamese beauty is new.

Mrs. Hen Nen is ready to come Miss Universe 2018 It is planned to come to Thailand from November 29th. The detailed program of the Miss Universe Contest is as follows: National Costume (11.12), Semi-Final (13.12) and the final round in the morning of 17 December.

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