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Feng Shui trees help the owner help fortune in the end of 2018


apricot trees

Many other flowers are not as sweet but apricot blossom is a symbol of good luck. Therefore, apricot blossom is especially popular in late Vietnamese years. Apricot blossom is suitable for 25 to 30 degree hot climate, can withstand high temperatures for days, months. However, at low temperatures (below 10 degrees Celsius), corn grows insufficient.

The style of search is expected to start in 2018

When planting at home, the most important thing is fertilization, scientific care. The sunny season should be watered daily, so the soil should be sufficiently moist, the rainy season should provide a good drainage and only when the soil is dry, watering should be done. Corn growing in pots evaporates rapidly, so water should be watered several times more than apricots in the soil. Be sure to water in the early morning or afternoons. Prevent watering too late at night, because it is easy to develop harmful insects due to high humidity at night.


Jade usually symbolizes sharing, youth or infinity. Also in feng shui, this tree symbolizes the chance of money and brings plenty of health to its owner. If you're home, you should put it next to the tree that will bring the window to the house. Jade is often placed in offices, tables, shops or cashiers, bringing financial fortune to earn money.

Orchid in Italy

Bright white symbolizes peace, helps us relieve stress, suitable for indoor cultivation, Italian orchids. Growing orchids do not have to be placed in places with abundant light, but ideally they should maintain soil moisture once a week.

Money Flower

Beautiful colors will brighten the habitat of flowers. The end of the year is the best time to make flower pots around the house. Note, flowers should be planted in the floating. The roots of the tree must be at the same level with the ground and not too deep. It will not cause the plant to grow slowly and the buds of the plant will not grow or decay and buds bud.

Pear tree

Pear tree is also known as juniper tree, pineapple family, cool shade. The plant itself has a long-lasting vitality, long-lasting flowering time, so the tree often represents infinity. If you put it in the house of the tree, it will happily bring full circle, fullness and endurance, and will promote harmony within the family.

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