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Evidence confirmed that Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming were divorced


Rumors of Huynh Xiaoming's divorces and the Angelababy scandal in the forums.

Evidence confirmed the divorce of Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming

It can be said that the couple Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy are the most beautiful entertainment. They were also chosen as lovers of romanticism with sweet moments in the film. Many girls are jealous of Angelababy, because Huynh can become the wife of a mahogany like Xiaoming. Their marriage was embellished with the birth of the child Hai Hai Mien. But the latest news is on the brink of leaving Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy. This news was published by T al Vden – Phong Hành CEO, so it took credibility from the audience.

Learn about the divorces of Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy HERE in detail!

7/24: Angel and Angel

Your mother's birthday and grandmother, Huang Xiaoming.

7/24: Angel and Angel

The members of the family are totals.

7/24: Angel and Angel

There is no Angelababy in the picture.

Actress Super Secret with girlfriend wedding photo?

Some days after Quach Pham Sieu lived alone, he finally decided to marry rumors. The rumors came from a series of photographs of Quach Pham Sieu and Huynh Nhat Lam to take a photo shoot. At first, there was information with the couple, but the insider was immediately denied. Curious people don't know whether this is a real wedding photo shoot or just a magazine because Quach Pham Sieu and Huynh Nhat Lam have no official news.

Check out the details of the ı theft at of the couple's wedding here!

7/24: Angel and Angel

Quach rumors of pictures of Pham Sieu and his girlfriend wedding.

7/24: Angel and Angel

Quach Pham Sieu has been a bachelor for many years.

Life of two sisters after the divorce of parents "Where would you go to Daddy"

Song Ji Ah and Song Ji Wook, the two most popular men in the show Where are you going. After Song Joong Gook, the father of two children, the couple, betrayed their wives, both of them announced that their participation in the television program has disappeared. Recently, this couple continued to show his mother her mother. The life of three mothers was quite difficult without Song Joong Gook. It was sad to see the actress Park Ip Sun, two children who are not a complete family.

What is the status of Song Ji Ah and Song Ji Wook? Let's learn HERE!

7/24: Angel and Angel

Song Ji Ah and Song Ji Wook, two of my father's favorite children, where are we going!

7/24: Angel and Angel

Park Ip Sun shares a lot about children's lives.

Maddox left his family to come to Korea for a reason

A long time ago, Maddox had the information he was preparing to come to Korea for training. This news stems from Angelina's taking his son to some schools here during his travels. Maddox wants to come to Korea instead of choosing a school in America. Many people thought Angelina Jolie was the person who proposed the child, but the truth is not. Maddox came to Korea for special reasons.

Why is Angelina coming to Korea? More details HERE!

7/24: Angel and Angel

Maddox is preparing to study in Korea.

7/24: Angel and Angel

Maddox is the first adoptive child of Angelina.

24/7: What is the life of the hated woman?

People think she's a queen, but the truth is …

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