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Dong Thap: Bandits break into school and arrest 3 students to beat them News

According to preliminary information, on the afternoon of February 22nd, two groups of thugs brought knives to Doc Binh Kieu High School and Thap Muoi High School (Dong Thap) arrested 3 students, were transferred to a deserted place and brutally beaten.

Using knives to scare, arrest and beat students

Newspaper Information Youth Mr. Dinh Minh Phuong (who lives in Hamlet 1, TTM My An, Thanh Muoi, Dong Thap), the spouse of DMT (Grade 12, Doc Binh Kieu High School), said at 23.2 pm: “My child was arrested at school, taken away and He was beaten by a group of thugs who entered. It is true that they also underestimate the law! “

After finishing school on the afternoon of February 22, Ms. İ.MT, in fear, said that the 12th classmates of T. and Doc Binh Kieu High School had separated, suddenly there were 7-8 young people riding 3 motorcycles. School administration area. They took knives, scissors, intimidated them, put T. and NHB (12CB5 in the same class as T.) on a motorcycle and took them about 10 km to a deserted area on the Long An border, and then beat the two of them.

“After getting me and my friend B. out of school, they used my arms, legs and helmet to beat me and then they pushed my brother down the canal. When this group of people checked B’s phone, they found a message to contact the person this group was calling and brutally beat B. They stuck B.’s head in the mud. After the clash, this group left us alone and then drove the motorcycle, ”said DMT.

Doc Binh Kieu High School Director Ms. Ton Thi Mai Thanh recounted the incident in which a group of bandits entered the school and took the 12th grade students of the school to be taken away for the attack that took place after school and was caught. by security cameras recorded by the school. When security guards and school teachers noticed the incident and came to prevent the bandits from picking up the school students, they were threatened with a knife in a very aggressive manner by this group, so they were desperate.
“The school was built recently and there is no protective fence, so managing foreigners entering the school is difficult. When 2 students were transferred by this group, the school quickly reported to the police and their families for solutions to support and take care of, ”said Ms. Ton Thi Mai Thanh.

Bandits escorted those who had just left the school door.

Also on the afternoon of February 22, at the gate of Thap Muoi High School (about 7 km from Doc Binh Kieu High School) LVK (11CB9 student, Thap Muoi High School) was intimidated by another band of thugs. The injured K. was taken to hospital for emergency.

Dong Thap: Bandits raided the school, arrested 3 students and severely beat them - photo 1

Dong Thap Province, Thap Muoi District General Hospital Department of General Surgery, 2/3 of the students were hospitalized and treated by bandit groups

Mr. Le Van Tuan, President of Thap Muoi High School, said: “The school was not good when the incident occurred, as the incident took place after school and outside the school door. The school would find out about the incident when the police contacted the school to confirm that Mr. K. should attend school. This morning the school sent a teacher to the hospital for a visit, realizing K.’s health condition. Stabbed and injured in the abdomen, she had to sew 3 stitches ”.

According to Mr. Tuan, after school on the afternoon of February 22, LVK left the door when a group of thugs took him to a deserted area about 1 km from the school and used his arms, legs, helmet, and a weapon to stab him. stomach K.

After the incident, the 3 students who were attacked by the bandits were taken by their parents to the Thap Muoi Regional General Hospital for examination and treatment. LVK and NHB were hospitalized for treatment in the Department of General Surgery. Only DMT was allowed to go home. On the morning of February 23rd, Mr. T. was taken to a hospital in Cao Lanh City for examination and re-examination by his family.

Dr. Vo Huu Tan, Head of General Surgery Department of Thap Muoi Regional General Hospital, said that the NHB was hospitalized on February 22 at 23:00 for treatment of head, chest and hand injuries. On the afternoon of February 23, B.’s health is improving well, the hospital is monitoring and treating minor injuries for B. For LVK, the hospital monitors and treats K. and demonstrates K.’s health. .

Exchange with YouthMr. Le Van Tuan and Ms. Ton Thi Mai Thanh said that the school reported to the Education and Training Department of Dong Thap Province and they are actively coordinating with the police to deal with it.

Police H.Thap Muoi, an officer from the Thap Muoi Police General Division, received a report of the student attacks in the area. Currently, this unit is actively verifying, investigating and informing the press of the case.

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