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On Nov. 11, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Cong Thanh, head of the police at Ngo May Ward in Quy Nhon City, Binh, Dinh Province, said that the unit unified records related to Pham Thanh Qua (SN 1997) and Pham Ngoc Tuyen. SN 1996 and Canh Vinh commune, Van Canh district, Binh Dinh province).

Does the diarrhea prevent the person in charge?

Ngo May Ward Police said that in the last few days "CSGT dropped" case, which caused the rumors to be filed on Facebook, published in the social network "Huynh Nhat Hao". the true nature of things.

When there is a traffic accident (TNGT), the functional forces are on duty, with two drunken candidates and a downpour, which prevents the CSGT comrades from taking the case. The process of merging the file, then consult the upper level to process the object according to the regulations "- said Lieutenant Thien.

CSGT Depth

CSGT and the scene between two young people

The same day, reports from the Quy Nhon City Police Department said that any investigation into the accident took place on motorcycles between 7 hours and 50 minutes on Dien Hong Road (Ngo May Ward) on November 7th. Controlled by Huynh Hiepuyen (SN 1983, My Chau commune, Phu My district) -303.79 was controlled by the engine 77L1-938.49 controlled by Pham Thanh Tuan (SN 1996, Canh Vinh commune). Pham Ngoc Tuyen.

Newspaper Lao Dong Online On November 8, a quick video clip of the Facebook social network CSGT Quy Nhon police fought with two young people while working with a TNGT. Clip has a scene where the CSGT suddenly stops and speaks to a young man and attracts millions of viewers. Many people commented on this "back" of traffic police Lieutenant Dinh Cong Hoang Linh, claiming that Mr. Lee had fallen into the "professional" – that the car would be arrested. Therefore, in standing posture, this paper can be almost separated apart from the young man … except for the "busy cabinet".

CSGT Department of Participation

The police say "elbow"

In connection with the incident, Binh Dinh Provincial Public Safety, according to the Quy Nhon City Police report, declared it new. Accordingly, after the appearance of the TNGT, the two sides could be resolved, but they failed, and appeared loud, challenging each other; The surrounding people reported the police to the settlement.

After receiving the news, the Quy Nhon police sent the Ngo authorities to the scene of the accident treatment team of the police and Traffic Police team to clarify the investigation and the investigation.

Field forces found that this was a traffic accident that did not cause personal injury, and 2 motorcycles were damaged. It was raining right now, the road was wet. While the working group is carrying out the traffic accident, Tuyen and Qua show signs of drunkenness, enter the traffic accident event, use the camera phone, provide high power and on-the-job safety. order in the region.

At this point, the task force asked the subjects to leave the stage, but they did not obey the words, forced their coercive attitude to force the team, and pushed them out of the area.

CSGT Department of Participation

After the fall of Lieutenant Linh, Pham Thanh Qua was taken under police control.

Pham Thanh Qua saw him shouting, "The police shot the people." Mr. Xuyen took advantage of the notches, away from the motorcycle. When the mission was preparing to bring an accident-causing vehicle to combat Tuyen and Qua pozisyonya task force in the Near City Police Station, he asked the car not to hold the 77L1-938.49 position but had to find the 77L1. Processing 303,79. Although the task team was announced, the task force asked him to fulfill his order, but he also acted to cry out, pushing people to loud duty.

According to Quy Nhon police, Pham Thanh Qua used the left elbow in the chest of Lieutenant Dinh Cong Hoang Linh. Surprisingly and reflexively, if we miss the blow, Linh was on his way. Before the activities such as blocking the work of Ngo May Ward police, the investigation is the subject of police investigation.

In the Ngo Mai ward, Pham Thanh Tuyen, Pham Thanh Qua and Pham Thanh Tuan (car driver 77L1-938.49) were using beer in the Dien Hong street (near the stage), claiming that they had previously eaten beer. 77L1-303.79 the driver of the driver's call to escape, to block his words, took action to block the task.

Quy Nhon police said it was a common traffic accident, the consequences of the damage were not great. However, some objects interfere with task force, while Facebook clips videos posted on social networks, but comments are not true nature.

Quy Nhon police explained the implementation of the processes and attitudes of the individuals assigned to handle the case and keeping the motorcycles at the scene (77L1-303,79). Quy Nhon Public Safety is the incorporation of records investigating the handling of traffic accidents and objects related to acts of prevention of persons in charge of the law.

The clip CSGT suddenly attracted the attention of millions of viewers when talking to two young people.

Earlier newspaper reporter exchanges Worker, Lieutenant Dinh Cong Hoang Linh of the CSGT Police Department from Quy Nhon City said that in the presence of the TNGT scene, it caused a very heavy rain, so the country was slippery roads, slippery roads. For this reason, together with Pham Thanh Qua, he was pushed over the elbow to the chest to try to blame the car for the office to clarify. Although the collision was not painful, the force was not strong, but the road was slippery and Lt Lt returned to the new fall.

In this gas, Pham Thanh Qua said that while fighting, CSGT itself had no effect. "When my hand flowed in the lungs at 77L1-938.49, the other CSGT approached me, pointed at me, then the police came in and took me to the police station. I don't know if the CSGT falls, and they see that the clip will see clearly, they justified it, "said Qua.

After graduating from college, Lieutenant Dinh Cong Hoang Linh was sent to work at the Quy Nhon City Police Police Department for about a year.

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