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Coach Hang sent a two-track scout to Seo, Malaysia and Myanmar


Last night on September 11th, Vietnam arrived at Noi Bai airport in Vietnam, which organized a 5-day trip to Vientiane. Master Park won the 3-0 score by defeating Hang-seo, Laos.

Upon his return to Vietnam, Quan Phuong and his team mates were trained on the 10th of November for a full day of rest. The player "camped" but Park and his team prepared to prepare for the next match.

Coach Park Hang sent two assistants to watch Seo, Malaysia and Myanmar photos
Hang-seo 9/11, the park manager who was ready to go back to Hanoi last night. Picture: Viet Hung /

Park Hang-seo plans to send Lu Dinh Tuan and Lee Young-jin to Myanmar and Malaysia to watch two matches against Cambodia and Laos. The purpose of the journey is to analyze the strength of the remaining three teams.

Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia with Group A in the AFF Cup 2018. Park Hang-seo & # 39; s troops in the second round while taking the break, Myanmar did not play in the first round.

Park's assistant Hang-Seo will leave on the morning of November 12 and will return to work one day later. It is important to do in the preparation stage of the opponent's discovery.

A full six-day leave helps Korean students have more time to practice and get rid of disability. Time to get rid of Van and Bui Tien Dung ankle pain.

Mr. Lu Dinh Tuan (he) and Lee Young-jin will go to Ashes of Malaysia and Myanmar. Anh: Quang Thinh /
Mr. Luo Tuan (pictured) and his assistant, Lee Young-jin, will go to spy sites in Malaysia and Myanmar. Picture: Quang Thinh /


Meanwhile, midfielder Nguyen Huy Hung is less concerned about the groin injury. The club's Quang Nam player is the only wounded soldier ever to go to practice separately.

Vietnam, the third round of the night of 16/11 will play a match with the Malaysian team in My Dinh's yard. The next morning, the teacher teacher Mr. Park Hang-seo to meet the owner on the fourth turn on the way to Myanmar.

Currently, Vietnam is making the table leadership with 3 points and 3 goals. Malaysia immediately returned to Cambodia with a 1-0 win. Laos, under the A table.

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