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Chelsea stands before "fire" to the city


The heart of the 12th round came in second place with 27 points in Chelsea before it took place in Etihad Stadium, still unbeatable. The Sarrians will host Everton before the Manchester derby, so if they win, Chelsea will rise to the top of the table, which will put the city under more or less pressure.

Chelsea has a perfect form, 8 wins and 3 draws after her first 11 games. Chelsea is the second home in the Premiership with four draws from the beginning of the season, two draws from Manchester United and Liverpool, Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea's perfection in Stamford Bridge this season has become a big challenge for Everton, the Marco Silva side is not in good shape, but has won 5 points in just five games since the start of the season. The bad performance was the eighth, with Everton backing and 18 points after 11 games.

Everton didn't show a good side of Marco Silva in front of the two big teams – Man Utd and Arsenal – and they all came out white. Everton fans were genuinely concerned when they came to Chelsea for Chelsea, especially Stamford Bridge's score was very good, with an average of 2.6 goals per game.

Morata on Chelsea shirt and Danger show great form

Morata on Chelsea shirt and Danger show great form

Sarri may be pleased with the striker by the striker Chelsea, especially if the striker is good. Morata is improving, scoring four goals in the last four games, double the goals scored by the player in the previous 20 games.

Chelsea, who played 62 minutes in the Europa League on Thursday, is ready to play in the first half. Welcome to Everton. Their host, Cesc Fabregas and Ruben Loftus, will miss Cheek, but they will not be on the Chelsea team under Sarri.

Everton will not be able to use Kurt Zouma, loaned to Chelsea by Everton, and credit terms that are not allowed to play against the visiting team. The absence of Zouma will bring hope to Yerry Mina's first appearance, and the Colombian will play in Everton ever since joining this summer club.

Silva did not create a solid game for Everton

Silva did not create a solid game for Everton

Everton won in Chelsea in 1994, 24 years ago. Since then, he has won 10 out of 23 home games at Stamford Bridge's 13th. At home, in good form, Chelsea is wide enough to win against Everton tonight.

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