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Chang Jiang brings the new Nha Phuoc to the countryside


The last picture of the new wife's male comedians on the anniversary of the mother's death is particularly interesting.

WATCH VIDEO: Truong Giang Wedding – Nha Phuong shed tears during.

Recently, upon his mother's death, the comedy Truong Giang brought his new wife, Nha Phuoc, to his home in Tam Ky, Quang Nam. The family of a family of two, in the family soup soup shared in the social network, the couple's many photographs attracted the attention of the crowd of fans and fans.

The park was built in the early 1st century.

The pictures of Truong Giang and Nha Phuong are noodles in the homeland of male comedians.

Since marriage, Changjiang – Nha Phuong can be seen more together. On the personal page, the couples who share the image of the other tomorrow are more comfortable.

Many viewers have ın synthesized iştir that this place is one of the most double-star couples. Nha Phuong and Truong Giang have a variety of products, from hats to goggles, shoes to clothes.

The park was built in the early twentieth century

Truong Giang – Nha Phuong's double honeymoon in Korea.

The park was built in the early 3rd century.

Going to the United States is no exception.

In September 1818, after the wedding, Chang Jiang and Nha Phuong returned to work. If Changjiang had been positive in the game show, Nha Phuong was less involved. Previously, the actress was in trouble after being pregnant several times to show off her unusual big round 2.

The park was built in the late 4th century

The last time, Nha Phuong to uncover unusual tour 2 in many photos.

Nha Phuong suddenly shared the spirit of wanting to be a husband.

Actress Nha Phuong's last feeling surprised many people.

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