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Business News

MWG – Mobil World Investment Joint Stock Company – The announcement will issue 107.6 million new shares to existing shareholders for a dividend payment of 3: 1. Deadline for registration on November 20,

DXG – Dat Xanh Group Joint Stock Company – Vicco-Sai Gon Joint Stock Company approved the capital contribution of 105 billion dollars. After the capital contribution, the subsidiary has a lease capital of 285 billion VND, which holds 99.99% of the capital of DXG. At the same time, DXG increased the capital of Ha An Real Estate Investment and Trade Inc. by adding 50 billion dong. The leased capital of the company will rise to 242 billion VND and DXG to 99.99%.

TVT – Viet Thang Company – JSC – In the third quarter, TVT's net revenue fell to 16% y / y due to the sales of finished and finished goods. Net income increased by 44% to 28 billion VND. In the first nine months of this year, net sales fell slightly by 9% to 1.826 billion VND. The Pretax profit reached VND106 billion, exceeding 4% of its full year target.

PHC – Construction of Phuc Hung Holdings JSC – In the third quarter of the year, PHC generated a net income of over 630 billion dongs, up 46 percent compared to the same period last year. PHC recorded a net profit of around 11 billion dongs compared to the same period last year. In the first nine months of this year, PHC reached a net income of VND 1,940 billion and a net profit of $ 31.9 billion.

BTP – Ba Ria Thermal Power JSC – November 12 is the old dividend date, the last date of registration is November 13th. Accordingly, dividends shall be paid in advance at the rate of 10.9% and paid as of 29/11/2018.

KBC – Kinh Bac City Development Stock Holding Inc. – On November 6, the General Directorate of the Tax Office decided to collect and punish tax in the KBC, totaling about 5.6 billion.

VOS – Vietnam Shipping Corporation – VND 14,000 / share of 28,000 Vosco (Vomaser) shares decided to approve the plan to withdraw the starting price of 26.36%.

VJC – Vietjet Aviation JSC – Ho Ngoc Yen Phuong – Assistant General Manager – appointed as Finance Director of the company. The decision will enter into force on 3 November

NRC – Netland Real Estate JSC – November 16, 2017, the list of shareholders will make a 20% cash dividend payment in 2017, ie a share of 2,000 dong. Netland plans to pay VND 24 billion to pay dividends to existing shareholders. Dividend payment period is expected from 26/11/2018.

TGG – Thang Long Investment Group JSC – Investment decision to purchase 10.5 million shares of Ha Thanh Real Estate Investment Trust. It is expected that the TGG will have a share of 10.8 million in 45% of the aforementioned company. In addition, the TGG is expected to purchase 8.1 million shares with a 45% stake in HDE Holdings. Currently, TGG does not have any shares in HDE Holdings.

Trading results of shareholders

SCR – Sai Gon Thuong Tin Real Estate JSC – Ben Tre Export and Import JSC, the major shareholder, acquired the SCR stake of 5.28 million on November 1st. After trading, the shareholder increased the ownership of SCR to more than 28.9 million shares, equivalent to 8.54%.

UCA – Thu Dau Mot Water JSC – Quynh Phuc Production and Trading Co., Ltd., The major shareholders purchased 1 million TDM shares from November 1st through November 1st with the method of matching the order. After the transaction, the shareholder raised the ownership of TDM to more than 13 million shares, up to 16.1%.

PTC – Posta and Telecommunication Investment and Construction Corporation – Major Ti Thi Kim Thoa, a major shareholder, sold PTC ownership of a total of 4.4 million shares, with a share of 27.14% on 31/10.

Shareholder transactions

LDP – Lam Dong Pharmaceutical Corporation – Ladophar – The primary shareholder Nguyen Kim Yatırım ve Geliştirme A.Ş. At present, Nguyen Kim has more than 1,87 million LDPs, 24%.

MPT Phu Thanh Garment Joint Stock Company – Truong Tien Holdings, shareholders, Mr. Le Khanh Trinh-related organizations – Deputy General Manager Registered between 8 November and 30 November to purchase 860,000 MPT shares with agreement method and order compliance. Currently, the shareholder has a share of 4.5% of 700,000 shares. Mr. Truong also registered 500,000 shares of MPT shares and the above-mentioned method of purchase. Trinh currently holds more than 1.08 million MPT shares in 6.99%.

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