Wednesday , February 24 2021

Bride sad, cake gato wedding cake friends association

The wedding day is the best day of the bride and groom's life. On this special day, the presence of friendship associations, in addition to relatives, relatives, makes the bride and groom happy days more complete. However, people rejoice: never be happy, be happy …

In recent times, the correctness of this statement has been correctly revealed in the MXH. The main character of the recently shared series is the groom, who has a in body make-up sonra package from head to toe, with an empty face, white and more prominent than the bride. As you know, the culprit is not just someone other than his young super fellow friends!

If the groom will have to buy, groom's body sticky notes, wedding dress … (Photo Thanh Kim Bui)

Today at every wedding, after the declaration of the ring and the same house, the bride and groom will pour wine together and finally cut the cake to invite the guests. However, at this wedding, two of them are definitely not getting a piece of gluten … to face the groom!

Bride Groom empty, bride upset, young man laughing as if he was "so much fun" in the next season! (Photo: Thanh Kim Bui)

Shortly after being shared with the MXH, the trolls were so well received at the wedding that they immediately attracted the attention of the netizen. Besides the laughter with the new "groom", most said that this joke is a little extreme!

The picture is strongly shared by netizens, and the most used header line is: "This is a sad story …"

"Good fun is not good at all, it's not good at all, it's a birthday, it's a wedding day, people should worry about customers who don't know how to do it now …" – Facebook Comments Off.

"I don't know how close my friends are, but I'm sure parents, guests don't like it, look at the bride's face. – Facebook added Kim Anh.

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