Wednesday , November 25 2020

Bitcoin one year low international

The largest virtual currency in the world fell to $ 4,200 on Tuesday's transaction, and the total decline since the beginning of the year was above 65 percent.

Bitcoin, the largest digital currency in the market, declined to its lowest level since Tuesday, September 30, 1977, according to data collected by Bloomberg on Tuesday's trading session. coinmarketcap.

This currency fell to the lowest level in the session and rose to $ 4,660. However, this result still led to a one-week drop in Bitcoin by 30%.

Bitcoin fall after a long time without any changes occur. While the global financial market was shaken in October, the exchange rate remained unchanged at $ 6.400, and set a new benchmark early this year after a sharp fall. However, after the sharp decline of the previous session, the total decline since the beginning of this currency in 2018 has increased by more than 65%.

"The world's largest markets are fragile, panic and sensuality are playing the world," said Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors. Said. CNBC. "The decline does not mean that Bitcoin has been rejected by the world, but it is still in use, but in the short term, panic dominates the market." Said.

Under $ 6,000 and the loss of important support levels stopped sales by many investors and further exacerbated downward momentum. The technical levels deteriorate as the support levels break, and the electronic currencies are constantly declining.

Bitcoin reached $ 10,000 for the first time in October 2017, with $ 20,000 once a week from the Christmas market, as individual traders are pouring money into the market with the introduction of two derivative trading grounds. A rose. However, the acceleration of this digital currency has not been continued, as negative changes in the virtual money market have occurred one after the other.

According to data coinmarketcap, The market value of Bitcoin is now more than $ 80 billion. The next two currencies are the XRP (Ripple) and now the Eterum is $ 18 billion and $ 14.4 billion.

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