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"A little girl!"

On the afternoon of November 20, Phu Quang musician, in Hanoi, held a meeting with press members to share two nights of music at the end of December with the participation of famous singers like Thanh Lam and Thu Phuong. Tran Minh Tuan, Le Anh Dung, Minh Thu, Trinh Huong's daughter and son-in-law, Bui Cong Duy.

Phu Quang shared the reporter meeting on 20/11.

Phu Quang shared the reporter meeting on 20/11.

Before the question about the new factor – Singer Thu Phuong should replace the singer Ngoc Anh 3A after demanding $ 10,000 more noisy information from the singer, Phu Quang denied the musician. The author resolved to misunderstand the misconception between "Hanoi Street" and himself and former member "Full 3A", he said.

"In fact, the singer between me and Ngoc Anh advised him to pay $ 10,000 by the singer's assistant. I think this is too high. If I pay for that sand – Ng Ngoc Anh and other singers? I told him I couldn't pay the price immediately because the price paid more than 100 million Thanh Lam, Hong Nhung also said that it is only 70 million.

According to Phu Quang, Ngoc Anh contacted her actively: "Ngoc Anh wants to go back to singing, just waiting for time. Ngoc Anh explained to me that I was scared. I'm very angry with you." Two more nights, Ngoc Anh US & It cannot return to the country according to the time of December 26th and December 27th in Canada.

The musician is always outspoken when it comes to music and artists.

The musician is always outspoken when it comes to music and artists.

Singer Thu Phuong said about the appearance of the Phu Quang musician, the singer had previously recorded the disc. And he admired that Thu Phuong singing his good, soft and emotional songs.

The musicians who describe themselves as difficult as the olmad mother of the stepmother vey should say that the singer is not arbitrary to sing his music correctly, sing a song. He explained: "A few years ago, the song" Winter Memory "in Thu Phuong said," Proudly listen. "I made the adventure wrong. I don't feel the spirit. Other musicians see that the singer is happy, but I can't be happy. "When she's reunited, Thu Phuong will show" Nostalgia to the Sea, and you "," Remember the Winters "," Quiet night Hanoi "…

Phu Quang's music night Thanh Lam's voice can't be missing. We know that few have time to "stop co-operation" with the Diva because certainly Phu Quang, the talking musician, "has a fear of excess energy in Thanh Lam's voice".

"Days ago, I had a music night in the United States. Thanh Lam blamed me:" Why do you allow Ngoc Anh (3A) to go without you? "Thanh Lam said:" You are very precious. The singing voice is very standard. Only two of them: The average temperature of the first eye is 40 degrees, and the flu is 45 degrees. Second, he saw you as "crazy," "crazy." "He invited you to level 3" madness. " Two years later, Thanh Lam said to me: "Hey, his level is 37 degrees," crazy "is only 3 episodes. Then, I invited Thanh Lam to sing. He says very seriously!" Said Said musician Phu Quang .

The musician also shared the song for Thanh Lam's words: "Thanh Lam has misunderstood my song everywhere, I let it rest a little. After that, Thanh Lam half-joking somehow said:" On stage where you have to look at the horoza to see the crinkle of the scene değil I win. Çok ses I won. I always evaluate the voice of Thanh Lam very well.. He tried to sing very carefully, it is definitely no longer words.

At the event, he played for musicians Minh Chuyen and Minh Thu.

At the event, he played for musicians Minh Chuyen and Minh Thu.

When I was asked, music night Phu Quang My Full, Dam Vinh Hung did not see "back"? Phu Quang also said that il because of Thanh Lam, Thu Phuong, Tan Minh Min still low chess guaranteed ticket sales Ph.

According to information, the live performances of Phu Quang in the case of a al burning ticket müz for businessmen, supporters, musicians said: Ph They don't like what they bought, how they got caught. People buy 30 tickets to prove they love my music. Why do people like something new, Mr. Beethoven, Mozart for hundreds of years, listeners still like music I'll do two shows in a year, every 3-4 times, I get the audience, I'll stand when the audience gets bored while listening to music.

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