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5 scenes from the film to make the Vietnamese version of the reaction against the Sun


After two months of rioting on social networking sites, Vietnamese version Sun – One of the biggest films of the year is over. It is undeniable that filmmakers put a lot of effort in bringing the audience to the highest quality. However, perhaps the Vietnamese Sun Diligence is less likely to get away without the shots of the film.

VIP patient rescue scene

After 48 heartbeats, VIP patients Rescue by Hoai Phuong (Khanh Nganand NH1 team Duy Kien (Song LuanThe command is still one of the biggest in the Vietnamese Sun Gate. A movie that is shorter than 4 minutes but contains many unforgettable stars.

Duy Kien – Hoai Phuong, despite the danger of VIP saving

Not to mention the military field in the field, only English pronunciation of Qin in this segment is enough to disturb the audience. In moments of stress, when human life is counted in minutes, the atmosphere of the film must be suffocating, but before the voice of talent. Story is life "Egypt-Bolivia" (I can't let the child die, so I can read the subtitles to see what they say.

The Vietnamese 5 version of the film's reverse reaction to withdraw the sun - Photo 2.

Qin has a difficult scene to speak English in the middle of a tense situation

The Vietnamese version of the film's 5 scene reverse reaction to retreat the sun - Photo 3.

Leaving aside the English pronunciation of Khan Ngan, in fact, the greatest arrogance in this segment is a foreign guard who dare to show the gun directly to the doctors and soldiers in Vietnam. Vietnam's Hai Phong & # 39; u. Actually, nEven the heads of state are limiting the use of special protection to Vietnam. For this reason, it is unreasonable to protect the armor carrying weapons while in an emergency, and even to attract a gun that threatens to shoot the Vietnamese. It is tragic to Vietnam's sovereignty and jurisdiction.

The Sun Back Vietnam version of the reverse reaction make 5 scenes - Photo 4.

Foreign plottos guards, on the Vietnamese island of Hai Phong, point to the arms of doctors and Vietnamese soldiers.

Unlock classic phones

So far, the classic telephone version of Song Luan and Kha Ngan is still considered a copy of the most important disaster in the Vietnamese sun. While the original Song – Song pair The praise of the goddess ngut bin to the people of Vietnam is hard to see the sky again.

Give me the phone and turn left

Audiences enjoyed a lackluster phone screen (perhaps the woman owner may have a phone) with all sorts of things like unlocking without unlocking, but still automatically calling for protection. When Song Luan doesn't act like he can see his character in front of the future, the ear sensor and the round eyes.

The phone is classic Korean …

5 scenes to make the Vietnam version of the Sun Back of the reverse reaction - Photo 8.

The phone is unlocked, then call any sister!

The Vietnamese version of the reaction against 5 scenes of Sun - Photo 9.

Turn your classic phone into a topic for sharpeners to create creativity

Landscaping mines

Compared to the classic phone screen, Huai Phuong's footstep is also a small copy. In the original, this stage excites the audience by the tension and humor, the Vietnamese version of the woman's bullet, the legend of breaking the legend.

Hoai Phuong doctor's footprints

In Korea, in spite of fear, people still acted out of Song Hye Kyo. She sees the maturity of Kang and makes the audience very comfortable. In the Vietnamese version, the Talent expression is a bit overwhelming, and the voice is not natural. Many viewers also bThe Vietnamese are so big … they just want explosive mines.

The Sun Back Vietnam version of the reverse reaction in 5 scenes - Photo 11.

Legend of Corruption of Qin

Kiss of wine

The first kiss of the Hoai Phuong couple – the idea that Duy Kien in the last Sun of Vietnam will make people "drunk" for dessert, but unfortunately brought the wine to bring the young couple Many stone bricks.

Controversial wine kiss in late Vietnamese sun

When Song Hye Kyo was surprised by Song Joong Ki's "dumbfounded" for instant wine tasting, the audience still remembered the feeling of "losing heart". Furthermore, in Vietnamese, the insensitivity of the eyes may claim that the two main characters of the audience are not strictly private. It can be said, we can say that Song Luan's "wine tasting" and Kegan's lack of emotions, lack of romance, lack of sweetness, lack of surprise … are just "pale".

"Sweet Song to Song" – Song Pair

The reverse reaction is the Vietnamese version of the movie 5 scenes to make the Sun - Photo 14.

And in the Vietnamese version kiss "unnecessary"

Huai Phuong slammed his wheelchair

About the second half of the film, there are many chapters that still encourage people after the Vietnam Sun has been considered to be quite satisfactory. The typical Huai Phuong scene accidentally damaged the wheelchair of the hospital in chapter 43.

Huai Phuong hurts the wheelchair of the hospital

During the teasing procession from the hospital, Phuong accidentally recorded Kien's confession to his nearby death. Unexpected and embarrassed, Phuong left his lover in a wheelchair, swept the incline, straight out. As a result, Kiên collapsed and the car became a pile of scrap. It doesn't matter if Khanh Ngan doesn't express sorrow in this segment, he looks compassionate to the "cute lost" style.

The reverse reaction is the Vietnamese version of the movie 5 scenes to make the Sun - Photo 16.

Feeling cute in the way of Can Capital

The reverse reaction is the Vietnamese version of the movie 5 scenes to make Sun - Photo 17.

The audience is a little tired

Of course, in addition to the pek less acak segments, the Vietnamese Sun Gateway also has a lot of power to help viewers continue to watch the 48 episodes, although the latter is naturally aware. After about two months of storms, the film says goodbye to the audience, and if you're still starting this exciting movie, you can enjoy the free movie app FPT. Steal.

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