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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the intimate podium in 2018.

Victoria 's Secret Fashion Show, glitter, lights and angel wings once again came to New York.

In total, 59 models seized the platform on Thursday night. Twelve of them are known as "branded angels aya and are the 18 most expected people of the year for the first time in the media fashion show.

The parade is divided into seven parts: Fantasy, Royal Glam, Downtown Angels, PINK, Golden Girls, VsxMary K and Celestial Angels. Even though the event will not run until December 2nd of this year, EL HERALDO brings you the most important moments of the gala.

Goodbye of an angel

Super model Adriana Lima wraps the wings of Victoria's Secret. Brazil decided to leave the podium after 19 years. The most well-known brand decided to pay him a tribute through a video that ended up collecting the most iconic moments and thankeding him by naming his er biggest angel of all time En. Then, the model went out to cover the parade with a lonely podium where it didn't include tears.

Adriana bid farewell on an Instagram account.

"Dear Victoria, thank you for showing me the world, for sharing your secrets, and more importantly: not just to give me wings, but to teach me how to fly."

One of the most anticipated moments of the show was the emergence of the world's most expensive bra. This year was valued at over a million dollars and was made with 2,100 swarovski diamonds and a topaz, a sustainable resource on silver.

The person responsible for carrying him was Elsa Hosk, who appeared brilliantly on the podium with what she called the Dream Angles Fantasy Bra 2018.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, for the first time in history, selected diversity, including the famous Winnie Harlow with vitiligo. One of the most acclaimed of the night.

The return of an angel. Two years later Behati turned to hang Prinsloo's wings, but did in a way that did not expect fans. They were hoping who would open the parade. However, the gala chairman was the Taylor Hill model.

İnstamodel on

Kendall Jenner and sisters Hadid (Gigi and Bella) returned to the most anticipated podium of the year. Recognized models dazzle the emotional outfits and the attitudes that characterize them.

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