Thursday , May 19 2022

Very high shooting rates can be seen in the 9D selection


Eleazar Díaz Rangel, Journalist and political analyst, current economical situation Venezuela & # 39; from It is characterized by "difficulties for the purchase of products" basic external factors media for siege and internal factors such as the lack of production "added"The government should perform more strictly "to save the production levels I had a few years ago".

Interview by journalist José Vicente Rangel, Díaz Rangel also mentioned price increase and that they have weakened the last wage increase paid by the head of state. Nicolás Maduro, who stressed It is recommended by economic analysts from China and Russia.

(Also read: The plane arrived on Saturday from 70 Venezuelans who were sent back from Colombia.

Also, believes that economic challenges can have political implicationsespecially the next elections planned December 9 which inside The percentages of abstention "quite high" can be presented as "weakness" Many Venezuelans.

Entering the matter of choice, "Such a choice of other processes is not a climate feature" was analyzed.

Asked questions about what Interviewer's opinion is defined as "stimulated shooting"he pointed "The reaction of both parties and voters will take place" and finally manage to reduce the negative effects they exert.

Colombia as a subject of analysis

For Diaz RangelThe first 100 days of Ivan Duque's government became "chaotic" because the massacres of social leaders and former fighters of the FARC did not stop. "

Also, The president of Colombia accepted the definition of "perfect interpreter". American President's policy Donald Trump.

finally, He thinks it is possible to make military aggression against Venezuela. but before, "they will try in other ways To isolate and influence the country's economy with more serious measures Ül.

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