Friday , August 19 2022

Venezuelan Mariem Velazco wins Miss International 2018


Venezuelan Mariem Velazco, once again crowning the beauty of Venezuela's spirit, did not stay with the crown of the competition. Miss International 2018, held Dome of Tokyo, Japan.

With this victory Venezuelan eighth crown attends this competition international beauty.

"I feel very good and I am happy with everything I have learned. I enjoyed the end of the activities and I am fully experienced every day. All candidates were treated like real queens, and the courtesy of the Japanese, courageously filled us with a lot of energy to reach the last night."

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He added that he had very high expectations for Venezuela to be a cause of joy and happiness.

"I've always believed that when you really feel that you can do this from the heart, it's hard to get any imagination.Mariem said it hours before the competition.

Since his arrival in Asia on October 20, Velazco stood out for his sympathy.

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