Wednesday , June 16 2021

USA investigates two Plus Ultra shareholders for money laundering

USA investigates two Plus Ultra shareholders for money laundering allegations

United States of America Plus Ultra investigates two Venezuelan shareholders of airlineAnnounced the Spanish media, which was saved with a 53 million euro loan by the Spanish Association of State Industry Affiliates. Hidden.

Washington Embassy in Madrid to European country, Héctor Antonio Tobía Roye and Flavio Pedro Bórquez TarffTwo businessmen allegedly linked to the Nicolás Maduro regime.

Citizens stated HiddenEntered the company’s capital in June 2018 and currently occupies a seat in its management.

Spanish media reported that US officials related to money laundering scheme highly. Presumably, with funds from Chavista corruption.

Spain’s decision to save the airline came as a surprise because Plus Ultra has been colored red since its creation in 2011. Country. Accumulated losses are estimated as follows: 10.6 million euros.

Therefore, in order to receive government support, the airline must have a living plan. Among other things, he assured him that he would return the loans he had received within a period of seven years.

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