Wednesday , June 16 2021

unocero – How do you spell technology?

If you like this site and are in constant communication gadgetsvideo games and trends are definitely technology It’s one of the most commonly used, but have you ever wondered how it looks like in other languages? or where does it come from?

Greek “boat” meaning origin, skill or trade, and information, so according to the references I’m KurdishThe meaning of the Emergency Spanish Foundation, putting knowledge into practice to solve a problem.

As for his article, though not so different Languages Such as Italian, French and Spanish and even The English, It looks very different in other languages ​​like Chinese or Arabic. If you have ever wondered how the word technology is spelled in another language, clear your doubts and ask you a ready.

Technology and phonetics in Chinese Jìshù


Technology and pronunciation in Arabic is Teqnia.


Technology in French


Turkish technology


Technology and phonetics in Russian


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