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Two differences of Battle Royale for mobile

We'il talk to you today. & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; and & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; Differences between, two Battle Royale games that clash in popularity on their mobile devices. & # 39; Fortnite Battle Royale, 'a popular, non-stop game, because it is a world-known game does not need to talk too much and' Garena Free Fire 'to focus on devices and has gained popularity to be optimized is an interesting alternative. phones.

Let's start talking about the different philosophies followed by both titles while driving their games to mobile devices. Then we will continue fundamental differences During the game, they stopped talking about armaments, ranks, characters and their micro payments.

Versatility instead of focusing on mobility

Freefirevsfortnit to

There are differences in both games strategy for existing platforms. & # 39; Fortnit & # 39; cross search and reach all possible devices, so you can play next-generation consoles on both Windows and Mac computers and on both PS4 and Xbox One or even Nintendo Switch. It has also reached Android and iOS mobile devices.

This strategy is very good for growing quickly because it allows you to play with friends or neighbors, regardless of the devices or consoles you have. But there is one drawback, and this may not be as comfortable as every time you need to offer more specifications on mobile devices, as well as a similar experience, and a game type that always looks good on the desktop. .

Free Fire

In the meantime, & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; A game specially developed for mobile devicesfor both iOS and Android. This can greatly limit the multiplayer experience to people with other types of devices, but allows developers to create a game that suits mobile players' features.

For example, by playing half of the players in each game simultaneously, the games are shorter and faster. And above all, The game is far less powerful than FortniteLets you play back on devices with fewer features or less space. In exchange for this advantage, the graphics are slightly less detailed, but this helps to be stolen on more devices.

In any case, Garena & # 39; s Fortnite & # 39; details of some of his mobile competitors, according to some of the graphics stand out. Keep in mind that after all this is stolen from the mobile phone, it is a feature that is not as relevant as it is on large screens.

Main differences when playing

Fortnit to

Free Fire

Players by game

100 players

50 players

Average duration of the game

20 minutes

10 minutes

Game modes

Solo, Duo, Staff

Solo, Duo, Staff

Special events






The main difference between these two games is the duration of each game and the participants. & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; tries to reduce the time each spends to make the game faster. reduced the number of players in half & # 39; Fortnit & # 39; In the same game from Epic Games, it is only 50 players.

On an average, this is called 'Fortnite & # 39; While the game lasts an average of 20 minutes, & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; films mean an average of 10 and 15 minutes. This means that You'll have to wait less time in Garena's game You can start over when they kill you.

However, the first start and play style is the same in both. Like most Battle Royale, you can jump from the air at the start of the game in both games and You must decide which area of ​​the map you want to land on. In addition, depending on the time that the playable area of ​​the map will shrink in both titles.

However, there is a significant difference that completely changes the strategy to be followed, which is the construction mode. The game of the Epic Games continues to distinguish itself from the others to build all kinds of structures To protect you with the materials you collect from the game, your chances of victory are not just based on the goal you have, as in the rest of the Battle Royales, but also when you start a construction.

For the rest, both games are pure third-person shooters and should try not to get bored from offering special events to their users from time to time. Of course, you can use the & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; The action takes place on the same map each time you receive changes in each season. In & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; action can be divided into two different map.

And for game modes, you can play only games in both titles, in pairs or in teams. Nevertheless, it's called 'The Deadly Race of Free Fire' & # 39; or & # 39; Forty & # 39; Although there are other different modes, such as 20×20 & # 39; s, there are no major differences. In any case, when you focus on the main thing, you can play with your friends in both games.

Armaments, ranks, payments and characters

These two games have very similar weapon typesgrouped among sniper rifles, rifles, pistols and even large shotguns. However, there are some differences to consider. For example, izin Fortnite lar has a color system that defines the damage and effectiveness of the collected weapons, but they are not allowed to expand with extras.

On the other hand, & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; you can use some extras in most of your weapons, which will help you make more damage or have more capacity for your loaders. Also, in Epic Games, you can carry five items in your backpack, including guns, in Garena. three weapons regardless of substances You're in your backpack.

The two games also have a ranking system and a career mode where each player's record is recorded. & # 39; Fortnit & # 39; and his progression ranks are quite general and relates to the type and other details of the platform through which the war takes place, and today the opponent depends on factors such as the score of each game.

There is also a slightly different philosophy about the different characters that each game offers. TOn & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; each of the characters has their own abilitiesThey can be loaded with different items and you can personalize them with several clothes or equipment. Therefore, character selection can be one of the strategies that must be considered before starting each of the games.

On the other hand, the selection of the character in Fortnite doesn't affect games too much, because the skills are always the same, and the equipment you can get and change is completely cosmetic. Come on, the choice of character in this game doesn't give you any advantages or disadvantages, and it doesn't affect this strategy much.

And finally, we're going to talk about micro payments where both games follow a similar strategy. Both completely free gamesAlthough you can spend real money to customize your characters with different personalization items. In both cases, there are internal currencies that you can obtain in different ways, but if you don't have a lot of patience, you'll have to apply for real payments.

The advantage of this is that payments remain only for the aesthetic parts, so the conditions of the game do not change depending on how full you are in your pocket, and what is right is when your reflexes and strategy.

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