Wednesday , September 28 2022

Tomateros hits first in Hermosillo


Cherries were punished with 11 strokes, and six picks Luis Mendoza rushed to get the victory

HERMOSILLO._ Tomateros de Culiacán tied the rally of the three races on the third and fourth strokes against Naranjeros de Hermosillo in the first game of the second edition of the Mexican League classic, winning 6-3. Pacific in the 2018-19 season.

Culiacanense Hector Daniel Rodriguez was one of the victories, but his work resulted in four beats and five beats including two three pointers.

The victory went to Mauricio Lara, which reached two in the season, followed by 1.1 excellent tickets including double chocolates. The defeat was Luis Mendoza, who had two attacks on Sinaloans, and allowed six races with 11 hits in 3.2.

José Guadalupe Chávez was in charge of attacking the midfield with an unstoppable third shot, but after a short time Rico Christmas was first contacted and Luis Alfonso Cruz made his first field debut. night

The cherry attack didn't stop there, Blake Gailen tied Christmas to the center he had registered with, and then he was tied to "Cochito" Cruz, the entree room marking the third Tomateros race Issmael Salas produced.

The story was repeated on the fourth roll, when Ali Solis opened the party with one, Rico was hit by a touch of one-third to squeeze the Christmas and Guadalupe Chávez pads.

. El Cochito gece Cruz and Gailen rode to the gardens and ryan McBroom brought the sixth race of the night to a night when José Cardona could not be stopped.

Sonorans & # 39; s answer, a couple of the same roll down from the race did not expect to close.

Fernando Perez handled the passport before the launch of Héctor Daniel Rodríguez and the next Francisco Peguero, 6-2 on the left side garden.

David Goforth fell in the eighth episode and allowed him to make one shot, and two bases, one per stroke, and two bases for a bad shot to leave the house without going out.

Logan Cozart extinguished the fire by dominating the next three moves and only allowed one run with Cedric Hunter to fly.

Casey Coleman came to close the ninth-strike, and although he was in trouble by letting the pads out without going out alone, Danny Espinosa showed up with a couple of tricks and a punch.

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