Friday , May 20 2022

Today is essential to accompany children with diabetes – digital


Mexican. . Director of the Mexican Diabetes Federation. Christian Lugo said in a statement that it was necessary to have a child with diabetes after a diagnosis and to have a good control of the disease.
"At the time of diagnosis, the parents would be amazed, wondering why their child has diabetes, what could have caused it. Therefore, they feel disappointed and fear their sons to have a normal development," he said. The expert, who is a specialist in World Diabetes Day, was celebrated today.
According to the experts, the incidence of diabetes in children increases in Mexico and six children with type I diabetes and four type II diabetes.
O When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, parents have a strong emotional impact because they have a chronic condition that requires treatment and lifelong care, ç says Lugo.
To cope with this situation, the expert said it is important that parents and family members receive psychological support to obtain information and prevent diabetes from limiting their lives.
He also explained the importance of listening to patients. ”Doctors should feel empathy with the patient, feel ourselves in place, build trust, be convinced that the child should use insulin and perform the treatment properly,“ he said.
Yael Contreras said that it is important for children to have a healthy diet and eat enough food in addition to physical activity, control their glucose, and learn how to use insulin appropriately.
”These are very important aspects for glucose control to be adequate,“ he said.
It prevents the risk of complications such as well-controlled diabetes, renal failure, diabetic foot, diabetic neuropathy and cardiovascular disease.

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