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these are numbers by region to report failures


Black eyebrows.- Compañía Anónima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela (Cantv) has different phone numbers to serve its customers through the instant messaging app WhatsApp, and this March 24, it published them by specifying contacts by region.

State telecommunications company, various virtual options to participate in complaints, claimsrequests and even complaints. Cantv Televisión Satelital has contact numbers and Cati virtual assistant for complaints about irregular charges for reconnection.

On this occasion, the company offers a range of telephone numbers by region for those who wish to contact Cantv between 08:00 and 16:00. These:


Cantv cuts the service to users out of date with billing

Andes region: You can contact them for Táchira With 0416-6716981. If you are located in Mérida, the number is 0416-6744389.

For Central region of the country, contacts the following: Aragua 0416-6052238, Carabobo 0416-6052184 / 0416-6052523 and Guárico 0416-6110381.

Authorized telephone numbers in the Guayana area are 0416-6052156, 0416-6052437, 0416-5866560, 0416-5862702, all for the state of Bolívar. Amazons can type in 0416-6052866, 0416-5866560 and 0416-5862702. also Delta Amacuro is only available on 0416-6052437.


When should you pay the Cantv bill?

Numbers for the western region are as follows: Falcón 0416-6368275, 0416-6368031 and 0268-2529838. There are 0416-6050551 and 0416-6050845 in Trujillo. While Zulia has 0416-5423026 and 0416-6000132.


How can I report malfunctions on the Cantv website?

The states that make up the Oriente region have the telephone numbers 0416-6844274 for Anzoátegui at their disposal. In the case of Monagas 0416-6861845Sucre is assigned as 0416-6844165 and Nueva Esparta users can contact them at 0426-5860463.

Finally, the numbers for the state of Miranda are three: 0416-6260439 / 0416-6367869 / 0212-3219157. For the Capital Region 0416-6110267 / 0416-6260598 and 0212-3638740. Only 0416-6260133 was enabled for the Vargas status.

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Preparation of El PitazoVista_3

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