Friday , April 16 2021

The singer’s two dogs were rescued after a violent attack in Los Angeles

Lady Gaga dogs
GETTY PICTURES Lady Gaga often appears in public with her dogs.

Two French bulldozers that were stripped Wednesday night were rescued when a gunman shot the singer Lady Gaga’s man walking dogs in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles.

As the United States media has confirmed, a woman took the animals to a police station. It looks like he could find them on the street.

Authorities did not arrest the attackers. be lostwith aron semi automatic pistol For Lady Gaga to steal her dogs to the dog groomer.

The victim was hospitalized and his wounds are healing.

Lady Gaga had offered a prize 500,000 USD Whoever returned her dog, but it is unclear whether the woman who handed them over to the police would receive the money.

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, is currently working on a new Ridley Scott movie in Rome.

This is not an isolated incident

Peter Bowes, BBC News, Los Áslip

It is not known whether Lady Gaga’s pets were stolen due to the status of the owner, or whether it was a random or planned attack due to the breed of the dog involved.

And this isn’t the first time French bulldogs got involved. There have been several cases of violent theft of these animals in the United States.

In January, a woman in San Francisco was gunned down by three men who fled with their five-month-old babies.

French bulldogs are very popular and in high demand, but they are very difficult to breed. They require artificial insemination and the dog’s physical characteristics (a large head and shoulders) mean that puppies must be removed from their mothers, usually by cesarean section.

The price for a puppy can range from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000.

Lady Gaga dogs
LADY GAGA / INSTAGRAM Miss Asia even has an Instragam account.

Lady Gaga is known to be extremely protective of her dogs accompanying her at the American Music Awards and the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show.

Miss Asia even has an Instragam account.

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