Wednesday , April 14 2021

The new version of Betty, The Ugly is for thousand years.

Telemundo officially announces records of new production Betty in NY.

A new version Betty, The Ugly At the premiere of this premiere it reaches 19 years. This will be the first series of fiction in the latest technology studios Telemundo Center It was recently opened in Miami, Florida.

We will see a modern and fun adaptation of the entire family, one of the most remembered and influential stories of world television, and special condiments that will surely catch the millennials.

Beatriz Aurora Rincón Lozano, a very intelligent and talented young Mexican woman who will overcome the prejudices in a world where the glory and everything will be seen in New York. Betty decides to accept a job that is well below her abilities after being refused for six months in all she does for her physical appearance. Thus, after entering the sophisticated fashion company V & M Fashion, he became the personal secretary of the company's president.

Even though it is ridiculed and humiliated because it is completely incomplete on a daily basis, Betty is more than willing to be defeated in this ruthless appearance war. And although he is extremely competent and has great plans for personal development, many of his qualities can help Betty confront the greatest challenge to find true love.

Beatriz "Betty" is the world of Aurora Rincón Lozano, surrounded by iconic and remembered characters to interpret the big stars.

Watch the video and meet the whole player!

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