Thursday , September 29 2022

The first folding in the world is not from Samsung, but from Royole Corporation.


If the rumors are true, Samsung will be offering its first folding smartphone in a few hours. An entire generation was supposed to be the "first", but a little-known Chinese company took over the giant. And it looks like it works.

This had the opportunity to experiment with the scoop at an event organized by Royole Corporation, which introduced FlexPai and The Verge or Mashable, among others. According to the media, the best thing to say is that the phone and its technology work and they do this by halving the size of the 7.8 inch plastic screen with a 180-degree turn.

According to Karissa Bell of Mashable:

Yes, it sounds a bit more sophisticated, but while FlexPai is far from perfect, it fulfills the promise of being the first folding smartphone.
It never folds and is difficult to maintain. The plastic screen began to move up a bit and made a "loud scream" as it twisted. The company told me that there are known problems due to "adhesive used in engineering samples".

The Verge & # 39; s Nick Statt, "folded", feels "soggy" and miles away from the quality of a high quality smartphone.The software is a customized version of Android 9.0, very slow and has errors. product, "State signed.

At least on the road, the FlexPai phone will only be available in the market in China, but there will also be a technical knowledge at 128 billion storage for developers in the United States and $ 1,318 at $ 1,469 for 256 GB. Crunch.

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